over appreciated

DONAugust 21, 2001

My wife thinks everything I cook is delicious. Do you think she is taking advantage of me? I am not that good at cooking but I try!

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She knows when she has a good thing going ;)

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It's probably two things - 1) you probably are a better cook than you give yourself credit for and 2) she knows a good thing when she sees it! even if your food is mediocre one day, she knows if she praises your efforts, you're more likely to keep cooking!

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Things always taste better to me when someone else makes it and- I am more critical of my own cooking. Keep up the good work! It is fun to do things others appreciate.

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Yeah Right!

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My husband is and excellent cook even though he doesnt think he is as good as I do and it is a little better when you dont do it yourself. Heck since my grandfather retired he cooks almost every night and he never did when he worked. Good thing he loves it my grandmother is a good cook and did it for all those years but she always hated cooking.

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Over appreciated? Who knows? My husband can do limited cooking and does make meals for us occassionally, when I just don't feel up to the task. But he also has one of those recessive sex linked characteristics where he fails to realize he makes a mess and thus creates more work for me in the clean up than cooking the meal would have been in the long run. That's not to say that he doesn't try his best. If you happen to have the dominant gene for the trait and also clean up your mess after cooking, then your wife probably over appreciates you. It you have that recessive gene trait and leave a mess trail behind you for her to clean, then she just probably enjoys your cooking style.
By the way, cooking should be a shared task. It makes the person who does the least amount of cooking in the household more appreciative of sitting down to a prepared meal that they didn't have to cook. My husband was taught by his father that NO ONE was served or to begin to eat before the person who prepared the meal was seated, served and began to eat.

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I always appreciate if someone else will cook and give me a night of, or two, or three....
You don't mention her cooking, or if she enjoys it, etc. Melissa mentioned it should be a shared task and I agree. I hope you mean you have fun trying and you enjoy it which you didn't mention either.

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