what to wrap/store frozen breakfast sandwiches in

Michelle_MOAugust 28, 2001

I'm pretty sure it was someone here who mentioned that they make homemade "egg mcmuffins" and freeze them. I decided to try making a dozen this weekend - what a great idea! Didn't take too long, quick breakfast, and will save me a ton of $$ not stopping at McDonald's on impulse. However, I wrapped mine in waxed paper and then put 1/2 doz. each in gallon-size ziplocs. I tried to make sure the cheese was all on the sandwich, not hanging over the edge, but when I reheat them, they're a little bit soggy and the cheese really comes out all over the paper. Is there a better way? Or should I unwrap before reheating?

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Hi Michelle,

How do you make the McMuffin sandwiches?

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I just made myself a little assembly line:

- a dozen english muffins sliced open
- cooked the bacon in the oven (I do it on a stoneware jelly-roll pan 15 min at 450) broke each slice in half and used 1- 1 1/2 slices per sandwich. I like bacon, but you could use ham or sausage patties instead
- 1 slice of cheese per sandwich
- fried a dozen eggs on a non-stick griddle (less grease than the fast-food version)

DH doesn't eat breakfast, so making a dozen of these in about 1/2 hour is over 2 weeks worth of breakfast for me!

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Solution to the sogginess and oozing cheese:

I unwrapped the sandwich out of the waxed paper, wrapped loosely in a paper towel instead. heat 1 min 45 sec on high in my microwave and it's perfect! Cheese didn't ooze out as badly and it wasn't soggy at all. I think the waxed paper might have had ice crystals in it from when I first froze the sandwich and that's why it got soggy.

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I have done this for years and the best way is to wrap them in paper towels and tape it shut ....then store in a gallon ziplock bag, reheat in the paper towel. It is not soggy at all.

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