Would You Refrigerate a Homemade Blueberry Pie?

amck2August 13, 2011

Made a beautiful pie today and we just enjoyed a piece (actually waited the recommended 4 hr. cooling time). Now I'm torn about whether I should cover it loosely and leave it on the counter or refrigerate it.

I know the fridge is death to the integity of flaky crusts, and I usually am fine leaving apple pies covered and on the counter for a day. It's cool & not humid here in the house.

Think I can leave it out through tomorrow after dinner, then refrigerate any leftovers?

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It's fruit....no eggs no milk....sugar...no I never refrigerate a fruit pie.
Linda C.....wishing for a piece before bed....

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I have to or my pies usually go moldy before I can get them eaten up. I just went for the last slice of blackberry cobbler yesterday, it was growing mold, :(

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Nope, I don't refrigerate them for a couple of days either. If it's around after day two, it usually goes in the fridge.


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I am so happy to read this! I have friends who insist that all perishable food must be refrigerated. I always left pies on the counter for a day or even two and no one ever got sick or died. It sure tastes better at room temp. Thanks!

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I have two pie keepers, and I have to refrigerate fruit pies after two days, or they will grow mold. It's not about getting sick - it's about the grossness of the mold. I refrigerate apples as soon as I pick them, but this is partly to keep fruit flies at bay. I might have this problem because it is fairly warm in my house in late summer and early fall - sometimes 77-78 degrees, and we mainly just use fans to keep cool. We only have one air conditioner, and it is in the art studio/dining room, although the dining room has openings to the living room and kitchen. If your house is cooler, you may not need to refrigerate as early. This summer has been fairly cool so far, but September is our warmest month.


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Yes, I only refrigerate to prevent mold. Around here that would be around the 3 to 4 day mark. No blueberry pie would live that long though. If I do think I won't eat a fruit pie in the out of fridge time, I'll generally just freeze part of it on that first day. Not optimum, but tastes better after freezing, to my taste, than to have been in the refrigerator.

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I refrigerate it, but then I set out a piece, to warm up to room temps before eating it. I don't eat it refrigerated.

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Fruit pie lasting more than 2 days?? Really?????? I have never EVER seen mold on a pie!! LOL!

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Linda, no matter how much I like it, I can only eat small amounts of pie at a time, and DB is not much of a pie eater either. However, when apples are in season, I make a bunch of apple pies, and we get tired of them. If I take one to work, it will get inhaled within a matter of seconds, and so that is one way to cut down on inventory. I have found that keeping pies in a pie keeper works well in the refrigerator, and I warm the pie before eating it. I go through ice cream much faster than I do pie, and so if I make ice cream when I make pies, the pies go faster. BTW, I've never seen mold on a cream pie! The apple pies I made last year were the best ever because I used the vodka pie crust recipe I found here. It's almost time for me to make some more. We still have apple juice from last year that we froze in an empty plastic gallon vodka bottle. I'm going to have to start collecting those again - they work well for freezing apple juice. We got four gallons last year when we decided to pick at the end of the season. The juice was really too sweet for me, and that's probably why I still have it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pie Keeper from Container Store

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