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SherAugust 17, 2001

Ok Gals, you've got me curious here! I have never tried

once a month cooking but I've got to admitt it would be

nice for certain days of the month. Here's a quick run-

down on me and my "little" family! I'm Sher and I'm the

mom to six (only the last two teenager..boys..are at home)

and foster mom to three little ones. Now I LOVE to cook

(Sorry to those of you who don't!) and I'm forever trying

all kinds of new recipes to feed my crew. However, I have

to be honest and admitt with two teenagers and three little

ones, I'm going nuts trying to serve the meals I feel everyone needs and balance football games and therapy

appointments. We are retired so I have tons of time to

do once a month cooking and I would appreciate all the help

you can give. (I might add DH would be thrilled to death

to help me!) Also, to any parents of large families, I

would really like to hear from you and maybe we can ex-

change recipes and meal ideas. (Gotta tell you I'm from

the old school where we have to have a dessert too!) Hope

to hear from everyone soon. THANKS! Sher

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WOW Sher,

Doesnt sound like you need any help at all, you ought to be teaching time and home management classes! I just come here to check out recipes and ideas since I cook 95% of the meals, my wife doesnt really enjoy cooking unless the notion strikes her. Good luck, you sound like a terrific lady, I'm sure your children and foster children think so too.


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