HELP! New Vinyl windows, damaged plaster on walls beneath

oldhousegalFebruary 10, 2010

My neighbor just pointed out two spots in different rooms of her house where the paint on the wall is bubbling up. I think it's from water damage as in both spots it's just below one corner of the window. The base of the window also appears to be needing to be recaulked as it looks like it's pulling out away from the frame. She doesn't know wether to call a contractor or the window installer. By the way, she installed all vinyl windows in a 1930 house. Any info from all you experts would help. I told her to call the window installer as they were installed 3 years ago, but do you think she should call a contractor first to confirm? Thanks for you input!

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I would try the window installer first.

It sounds like inadequate or incorrect flashing.

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