Anybody use Timed ~ Automatic ~ Delayed Bake feature?

ericasjAugust 17, 2004

My oven has a "timed bake" feature that I'd like to make use of. The idea is you put food (often frozen) in the oven in the morning, and set the oven to come on later. It then bakes at the temperature you want, for however long you want. Then when you come home, dinner is about ready.

I've googled numerous ways, and asked on a couple of other message boards, but ideas for using it are few and far between. It seems like it would be safe and work well for "once a month" cooking type recipes, since often everything in the casserole is cooked before freezing. (I know not to leave something like raw chicken or fish sitting in an oven all day!) But how do you adjust the temperature and cooking times? Any tips?

BTW, I used it yesterday for some frozen, pre-cooked turkey meatballs. They came out nice and they don't seem to have poisoned us. ;) Made dinnertime much easier.

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I have this same feature on my oven, and I often use it if I'm going to be gone when I would normally put something in the oven. HOWEVER - it is absolutely not safe to put frozen food in there in the AM and set it to cook later in the day. Food should not be left out of the refrigerator or freezer for longer than 2 hours, and that includes the time it took to get it home from the store, the prep time and the time it sits on the table. The goal is to keep the food out of the "danger" zone of 40F-140F which is when bacteria can multiply rapidly.

If I have to be gone for some reason when I would normally start dinner, I'll set the oven to go on and leave the food in there for brief periods of time - 30 minutes or less. Lately we've had soccer practice that runs until 7:30, so I put a casserole or chicken in there a few minutes before 6 when I leave and set the oven to cook from 6:30-7:30 so it's done when we get home.

HTH - it's a nice feature.

Windsor, CA

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