replace corner cabinet lazy susans?

lauriecFebruary 10, 2010

Hi, have two corner cabinets with lazy susan and have been wondering bout these magic corner units folks seem tolove.

Do people replace lazy susans with these?

am thinking of where to put cuisinart and kitchen aid mixer (now stored in pantry closet - heavy to more around and I'm not getting any younger)


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Could you rephrase your question? Not sure what you are asking. You have lazy susans? And, thinking of replacing them with what?

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sorry if not clear! yep, have lazy susans and have read about the Magic Corner devices. am wondering if people replace lazy suzan's with these?


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Which type of corner cabinet do you have? Do you have a blind corner or a "L" shaped corner cabinet? Many corner cabinet organizers have to have the cabinet "built around" them and can't be retrofitted. Rev A Shelf organizers can sometimes be retrofitted, but it depends on how your cabinets are constructed and which type of corner cabinet you have.

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I would keep the lazy suzans.

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We have a Super Susan (no pole in the middle) in an L shaped corner. It has 2 revolving shelves, holds a lot, but is not tall enough for my KA artisan mixer (very heavy) or my Cuisinart Grind & Brew coffee maker. I do not think the shelf height is adjustable. The mixer takes up a lot of the height of a base cabinet with an adjustable shelf and a drawer on top.

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Stick with the lazy/super susan. The blind corner units are really for people who cannot fit a susan. Susans are much easier to use and nothing can fall off of them. With a blind corner unit, if something falls off, you cannot close them until you crawl back into the corner and retrieve the item. My KD discourages them b/c she's had so many complaints from clients who got them. (If you insist, she'll order one since it's your kitchen, but it goes against her better judgment.)

I don't know if super susan shelves are adjustable (the turntables sit on stationary shelves in the cabinet, but the top shelf may be adjustable). However, I wouldn't want to store my KA mixer (or any heavy appliance) below the counter if I had to lift it out, regardless of cabinet type (except, maybe a lift, but I'm not sure even then since you still have to lift it up to the counter since I don't think those lifts are really stable enough to use the mixer for any length of time or w/a lot of movement).

Rather, I suggest you consider either storing it on the counter (if you don't like the way it "looks", get a nice cover...but remember, this is a kitchen, not a formal living room or similar) OR in a pantry on a shelf somewhere around waist or slightly higher height.

Your Cuisinart can be stored in the susan if you separate the bowl.

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I would suggest keeping the SS. I don't think the Magic Corner will add much and as someone else said, I don't think they are easy to retrofit....

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If I wasn't married and if I was gay, I'd marry my Super Susans. Both of them.

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