what does not freeze well?

giJ_August 10, 2002


I was hoping I could get some help here. All last year, because of my school and work schedule, I would cook on Sunday to last me all week. However, since I live alone, it would pretty much mean eating the same exact thing for a week. Let me tell you: that get's very boring, very quickly!

So this year, I bought a Food Saver off Ebay, and am going to cook an assortment of meals and freeze them, so I can mix and match each week. But I was wondering: are there any foods (main dishes) that do NOT freeze well?



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Potatoes, low fat cheeses, anything you want to be raw when you defrost it, things like batters and dough (un cooked) often doesn't freeze well......
But most foods do freeze. Check the frozen food aisle at the supermarket......there is a huge variety of frozen stuff.
Linda C

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Recipes with sour cream won't freeze well. The sour cream will separate.

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I freeze my leftovers on microwavable plates in serving portons. Leave off the condiments but if you have gravy, spread it over meat or potatoes to keep from drying. After they are frozen I seal them in the Food Saver. You want to freeze them before using the vacuum as the juices/gravy gets sucked into the opening.

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I've had bad luck trying to freeze squash. chery-va

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Eggs don't freeze well they get very rubbery.

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I second that on the eggs. I just tried them once, but they weren't that good when reheated. This was the fried eggs. But, I did have great success with baking meatballs on a rack and flash freezing them. We just finished them today. I added some Italian seasoning to them, yummy. I'll never fry meatballs again.

I also had good luck baking those small chicken leg thingys and adding honey barbeque sauce.

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potatoes, mushrooms, green peppers.

On the green peppers that outer skin seems to separate from the flesh, and its tough. For stuffed peppers you could remove that skin after you defrost it and then it would be fine.

Mushrooms just aren't the same after being frozen.
And potatoes... they are just down right nasty after freezing.

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I have had no luck with celery, bok choy. Leafy greens just don't seem to make it.

On the other hand I usually freeze stuffed peppers with no problem because I put them in a bit of tomato sauce. They defrost just fine.

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I know that mushrooms don't freeze well. (To my satisfaction, anyway.) They too, get chewy and rubbery. I am talking about cooked mushrooms. Don't believe raw ones (or blanched)can be frozen raw at all!

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hi, I am looking for a spinach and feta dish that is starch free that can be frozen in individual portions ie stuffing them into gem squash or wrapping filling in spinach leaves.....any ideas anyone?

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I buy frozen mushrooms at walmart. $1.50 for 12 oz. They are pretty good. I like them, I sautee (sp) with a little butter and little soy sauce. Yummy.

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