A Whole Month Of Lunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lexi_GaAugust 21, 2002

I am so thrilled! Last night I took about two hours and made an entire month of lunches for my DH. He works very hard and enjoys a real meal at lunch time, he can't stand sandwiches. So last night I made up 40 hamburger patties from ground chuck I got on sale and grilled them on the Foreman, made a huge pot of instant mashed potatoes and some green beans. I portioned everything out onto microwavable disposable plates, placed in gallon sized freezer bags and in under two hours I did enough so I don't have to worry about his lunches for a whole month! I am so tickled! I don't know how he can eat the same thing everyday, but he loves it!


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You can come over to my house, and feed my son! He started school today. I HATE packing him a lunch. He has a healthy appetite,and was spending too much money at school.
So that is what we started to do last January.
I guesss what I don't like is trying to think of new and exciting sandwiches. They don't have acess to refrig or microwave at school. It really limits the possiblities.

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I bet it is hard trying to come up with alot of different sandwiches and such. Did you know that you can freeze sandwiches? It's just as easy to do 20 as it is a couple when you do it assenbly line fashion. If you'd like to know how to do it so they don't get soggy let me know. Also, I don't know how old your son is, but if he is young enough to like things like Lunchables, it's easy to do homemade versions. Ritz, cheese and ham, or like their pizzas do english muffin w/ pizza sauce and mozzarella. Also, if he is a little older, a thermas filled with boiling water in the morning will keep hot dogs nice and warm till lunch, he can just pack some buns and chips. Hot soup can be put in a thermas too.

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I would like to know how you keep sandwiches from getting soggy. I have 4 kids that pack lunch daily, one has diabetes so my work is often cut out for me. Any ideas would be great!

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I belong to another board that has a BIG OAMC section and the moderator on their posted how she does it. You spread a very thin layer of butter or margarine on the inside of each slice of bread, then layer your meat and cheese. Don't use mayo as it can seperate in the freezer, but Miracle Whip can be frozen. If they like mayo you can add it in the morning or send some with them. Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap or put in a sandwich bag. Take them out in the morning and they will thaw nicely by lunchtime. She also does chicken and tuna salads made with Miracle Whip instead of mayo. For PB&J you could probably do a thin layer of peanut butter on each slice with jelly in the middle to keep the bread from being soggy. Pasta salad that is undercooked freezes beautifully. Also instead of buying those expensive individual fruit cups, you can buy the small single serving Glad type containers and divide a huge can (like the 10# cans) of fruit cocktail into the containers and freeze, they also will thaw by lunchtime. There are lots of great thing you can do with OAMC or OAWC.

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What is OAMC or OAWC?

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Thank you for the hints. Could you e-mail me the addy of the other board also?

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Once A Month Cooking and Once a Week Cooking :)

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Hey. Sorry I've been gone a few days. Dennise, the website is Frugalmoms.com they have an awesome forum on OAMC. All of the forums are great, but I especially like that one.


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So does that mean your husbnad has to eat the same thing everyday for a whole month?

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He does eat the same thing just about everyday. He loves the burgers with poatoes and green beans. I couldn't eat the same thing everyday, but he can. You could always change it up a bit. Add corn or peas instead of the beans, add mac n cheese or noodles or rice instead of the potatoes, and he would have a large variety of meals to choose from, but with very little work.


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I was sure someone else would suggest that the boy with the healthy appetite make his OWN lunch. . .chery

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When I make sandwiches to pack, I do the light coating of butter too but I don't like my sandwiches without mayo or mustard so what I do is spread the mustard or mayon between the meat slices or cheese slices....keeps it away from the bread and I still get to enjoy it.

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Traditional British sandwich fillings:

Egg salad topped with mustard and cress (any sprouts would do)

Curried egg salad

Tomato and egg (slices of tomato and hardboiled egg) -- goes a bit soggy)


Salmon and cucumber (Mashed up tinned salmon topped with sliced cucumber)



'Chip buttie' -- french fries in a sandwich. i think they're revolting, but they're very popular in some parts of Britain


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Frugalmoms.com is no longer a website... are you sure that's the correct name/spelling or do you have any info if it has changed? I'd love to check it out. Thanks

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The website shut down but they have sort of regrouped here....


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How about paella or jambalaya cooked up in the rice cooker?

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Man I do love all the ethnic dinners that you can by from WW's, Lean Cuisene and some of the others...some are nasty tasting but the beans and spanish rice and some of the oriental to me are tasty ...so what I do is when I am actually cooking those things, I make my own little dinners too.

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