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HeidiHoHumAugust 27, 2004

Hi all!

I would LOVE to try OAWC but the refrigerator in our current house has a teeny tiny freezer and I am lucky to have room for ice, some frozen veggies, and the few other regularly used items that must remain frozen.

Aside from purchasing a 2nd freezer, can anyone give any suggestions as to how I would attempt this without the necessary freezer space? I am thinking it just might not be possible.

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Are Dumb Questions allowed? (know I am about embarrass myself.) What is OAWC??

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Not a dumb question! OAWC means Once A Week Cooking which means you plan and cook all your meals for the entire week on one day, then freeze each day's meal until the day arrives when you planned on eating it. No cooking hassle...just defrost and warm and eat:)

It would be great for people like me who never plan ahead and end up scrambling for something decent to feed my family each night!

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Wish I could help, but can't think of a solution to your problem! Unless you have a magic wand and magical powers!
Perhaps you could scout around (like on E-bay) for a used small, apartment size freezer for cheap. Newspaper classifieds is another place to look. Even though you don't want to spend a lot of money...check around at the regular appliance places, anyway. Just to see what's available, for limited space.

Considering the convenience that it would be for you, perhaps is is best to spend a little money on a small freezer. In time, it would certainly pay for itself. There are also "under the counter" freezers.

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Maybe you could try stacking your frozen items differently in your small freezer space. I've read where some freeze the meals and then stack them sideways. Just a thought.

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one way to conserve space is to freeze everything in plastic bags...flatten them as flat as possible and stack them on top of each other...My suggestion would be to buy a small freezer...if money is a problem try a used one...small ones are cheap...

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My huge upright freezer is in a lovely storage facility while we live in Germany for a couple years (military family). I am pretty sure my DH will not go along with buying even a used freezer since we can't take it with us when we leave (different voltage).

I will try the bag thing and just try to become really organized. There just isn't much space after adding frozen veggies and ice! If I could just fit in a few meals, it would be great!

Thanks for everyone's help!!!

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