freezing egg-beaters & milk

AnneAugust 12, 2001

Get ready for lots of pesky questions because I'm about to start my OAMC and I don't know ANYTHING about cooking.

My first step was to do some bulk buying and now I have ALL this stuff in my fridge/freezer.

So, can I freeze egg-beaters? Bought a 4-pack at Costco and would like to freeze the other 3 if I can.

Also, I tried freezing milk and it worked just great but it expanded in the jug and then leaked like crazy when it defrotsted. Should I just remove some before freezing?

Thanks for your help!

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Aren't the egg beaters frozen when you buy them? They are here--and they take forever to defrost (then need thorough mixing before using). Think you'd need to find out if they've already been frozen and thawed--in that case you wouldn't want to re-freeze them, I don't think.

Anything you freeze in a container should have some head room, so if the milk jug is close to the top, I'd consider having a glass before freezing the rest.

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