Reloading the new kitchen, any tips where things should go?

positanoFebruary 6, 2009

Our cabinet guy is coming today to put all our pulls on and finish crown, toe kicks,build a light over the sink and light rails. So, after I clean we should be ready to load in our things this weekend!

I tried to do a search, but nothing really came up. I would love to hear what worked for you in placing things in the cabs. I know a lot of it is common sense, and once I live with it I'll know what works best for us.

Also, what do you keep in your super susan? Should I keep food items or small appliances? Any pictures? Right now we have a large pantry in our mudroom right next to the kitchen. The microwave will go in there,but I want to get a lot of the food items that we use a lot into the kitchen. Like cereals, peanut butter, oils,some snacking things. The things we don't use that often can stay there.

It's actually very exciting, I have so much new space. Everything will have a place!

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positano - Good for you! Congrats very exciting

Let's see -
First I made sure dh & kiddies were out while I did this

I used a lower cab next to dw to put kiddie cups, bowls, plates - for their easy access
I used a large drawer nxt to fridge for cereals and kid snacks - again, easy access
-In that same bank of drawers nxt to fridge - top drawer is ziplock bags, saran wraps and cutting boards
- nxt drawer is all tupperware -
I have a hutch type cab above that bank (nxt to fridge) that is what I use as pantry - bread, coffee, peanut butter, crackers etc

Drawers nxt to range on right (I'm right handed) are all pots, mixing bowls, some small appliances, and the utensils
left side of range are - top: Foil, napkins (near table)spice drawer, baking supplies
Upper cabs nxt to range - Oils, vinegar, pasta, canned

I have a small bank of drawers 14" as you enter kit - that is where cell phones, keys, 1 drawer has a silverware caddy for everyday tools, measuring tape, etc.. paper, envelopes, take out menus etc (this bank has been great!)

The rest are self explan - like everyday dishes, glasses in upper next to dw
-glass upper houses pretty dishes/glasses
- lwer cabs - large items, salad bowls, appliances (crock pot)
Drawers near range dishtowels, microfiber, pot holders

Good luck!

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I use my lazy susan to store small appliances that I use frequently. It's easy to take out the food processor, mixer, grill, etc. when you can simply spin the turntable and reach in. I've used it that way for years in 2 old kitchens and it worked for me. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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I put my saran wrap, baggies, foil in a top draw in the island. This is where I wrap up left overs after dinner and it is close by to the fridge to pop things in there after they are wrapped.

I put cutting boards in a top draw just to the left of the sink. This is where I do all of my prep work and I use a lot of cutting boards so I like having them very handy.

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As a simple organizing principle, the point-of-use I originally caught onto on this forum, I think, makes sense for me. Since I don't have all that much storage at each point of use, my most-used foods and tools of course get it, with the rest moved farther and farther out to the kitchen boonies and high hills, depending. This means sets get split up, my baking/roasting pans are located in three or four different places, and the second of two can openers is in the wrap/foil drawer, but it actually works well. I was recently watching someone walk across to her pantry to get a splash of vinegar, because that's where she keeps her food, and really appreciated the little cache of most-used under my prep counter.

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Its finally fun, right? Now on to the fun stuff!
My guys are here today doing some of the same
things as you mentioned. I also am putting the
point of use into effect as much as possible.
Kind of do a pretend meal or snack and see how it

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I use the Susan for over-sized or infrequently used items ... the stock pot, ice cream machine, electric knife sharpener, roasting pan, etc.

Agree that point of use storage will make your time in the kitchen so much easier!

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Here's what's worked for me:
- Cutting boards and knives (in a knife drawer block) in a drawer next to the prep sink which is in the island.
- Main cooking utensils in a top drawer in the island, directly across from the cooktop which is on the perimeter.
- All of my everyday bowls, dishes, glasses in a tall glass upper cabinet (goes from counter to ceiling) so it's easy to spot. Handy for when guests are over. Utensils are in the drawer below the glass cabinet. It's true that these are at the opposite end of the main sink and dishwasher, but given the efficiency of the dishwasher (rather than hand washing) I don't mind the walk! =)
- Pots and lids in the pot drawers below cooktop.
- Most food items in the floor to ceiling pantry.
- Cooking oils and sauces in a cabinet below prep sink on island. I may relocate these to the upper cabs on either side of the range hood as these are currently empty.
- Frequently-used small appliances (rice cooker, tea kettle, toaster) in the bottom cabinet of the island. I plug them into the island.
- Dishtowels in a wide drawer to the left of the main sink.


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I use the supper susan for small appliances that I use often. Plus mixing bowls. Currently I store flour and sugar there too but want to move that when I get counter top worthy canisters.

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Very timely help, seeing that I'm probably going to start loading in this weekend. No knobs yet (backordered at Resto Hdwre) but I'll get the pulls on the drawers and then I'll finally be able to find things again.

Thanks for this!

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The simplest solution is put each item as close as possible to the area where it will be used. You'll find your kitchen organizes itself into zones that way: Baking area, food prep area, cleanup

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Thanks for all the great advice. We had a little set back,and didn't get to install the hardware and part of the crown. I feel a little let down, just wanted to get a little closer. He did drill holes for the cup pulls, and I'm not sure if I'm happy with the placement. He said to trust him, he has 30 years of doing this. Oh, well. I guess there is not much I can do about it, and I'm sure it will look great once they are on.

I've had to learn to not sweat the small stuff, which is extremely hard for me. I try to have everything perfect, do the research, find the best option.....and hate to be disappointed. The choices are ones that we have to live with for a while!

Oh well , just venting. He did put painters tape on the doors so we could open and close them. Maybe I'll start cleaning them out and thinking about placement.

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Positano, I can totally relate. It took months for them to put up the crown, and then it needed trim to go above it to close the gap between it and the ceiling which was another month or two. It wasn't incompetence, it's that the scheduling was impacted due to the wrong staining of our floors (other contractors, not the cabinet guys). Just this weekend is when I put things in my was a wonderful feeling. Hang in there, try to be patient...

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Positano, I hear ya, girl! It's so hard not to hang onto every single detail. I had read here about placement of pulls on drawers - that they should be slightly above center so when you look at them from above, they appear to be center. Made perfect sense. I tried to describe this to my carpenter. He looked at me like I was crazy. I had already won the *big* battles with him - I let it go. He put the pulls where he wanted, and it looks fine. (I do think it would have looked *slightly* better if he'd done it my way, but...)

You gotta choose your battles. ;-)

And eventually you'll get to put your stuff away in the cabinets. And then you'll realize it's all wrong, and you'll take it all out and put it away again. And a couple of weeks later, you'll realize, no, the coffee mugs go *there*, and what was I thinking with regard to placement of the cutting boards, and wait! my new set of six melamine oversize mixing bowls don't *fit* where the old plastic ones were, so now I need to make space somewhere else.

It's a process. :-)

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When we were at the stage where we were trying to figure out where everything would go, this thread was active on GW. It was a great help. Using bethv's list as a starting point, we added or deleted items we have. Then we sat down one night with the floor plan of our cabinets and matched everything up to where we thought it should go.

Over time, you'll shift things around but as others have said - use point of use as the starting principle.


Here is a link that might be useful: List of stuff in the kitchen

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Thanks for that list Elizpiz, that's what I was looking for!! I think this will help. I'm amazed at the planning that Buehl did to reload her kitchen!

Redroze- I do remember how long it took for you to get those last minute details, you were so patient. Can't wait for your finished kitchen post!

charlikin- I'm not sure if I posted on your Finished kitchen, but it looks amazing!! I had considered your countertop much earlier in my process, and I think it turned out beautiful. I just moved from NYC to NJ a couple years ago, so I can relate to the galley kitchen. I do remember how efficient it was, and I actually had some great storage space. Where are you in the city? I was an UES gal....DH is a chef at the W hotel Times Square.

You made me laugh about your carpenter looking at you like your crazy. Happens to me all the time when I bring something I learned on GW up to the electrician, plumber, granite guy etc.

Feeling much better this morning, I'll print out that list and start getting organized. When I am feeling let down about a decision I made, I have to kick myself and remember how lucky I am to have a brand new kitchen. Wait till you see my before shot of it!

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Hey neighbor! Well, we've got a couple of rivers between us now - I'm in Queens, though I work in Times Square. (Maybe I can wave at your DH!) Amazing how these tiny kitchens are perfectly normal out here - and no where else!!!

Ooh, you're married to a chef! Does he cook for you? Or is that "work", and he doesn't want to do it at home? ;-)

Just spent a good chunk of today rearranging some cabinets. I decided I want my coffee mugs over my coffee maker (they *were*, until I decided to move the coffee maker next to the sink). And I just bought a new 12" stir fry pan, but now all my pots and pans don't fit in the cabinet so I'm going to have to move some less-used stuff out. Have no idea what to do with the 12" glass lid. The problem with having a new kitchen is that I suddenly want to *cook* in it, and I'm buying new things that I didn't plan to have room for!

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I started putting some things in today too. I can totally relate about the pot lids. Went to BBB and got some organizers, it's so nice to have everything new!

And yes, DH does cook for us. Unfortunately he works all the time and most nights! But on his days off he loves to create. Says he can't wait to make fresh pasta. We got the pasta attatchment for our Kitchenaid mixer. This will be the first time in 7 years(since we got married) that we will use it. Since we had such small kitchens, it was always in storage. Gee, I hope it actually works!!

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Hooray! I'm so glad my list 'o stuff is helping! The point of use idea is key. But since not everything can be right at the main prep area, I also keep like items together - like all the baking ingredients are in the upper corner cabinet. If you think things thru before hand you shouldn't have to redo it all later. Another key is to make sure you can actually see, get at, and reach everything. Our kitchen isn't large so lazy Susans are key - We have 2 super Susans: 1 for dry foods and 1 for pots & pans, appliances and large bowls; our upper corner cabinet has rotating D-shaped shelves - like a lazy Susan but no pole. Another neat storage item came from the Container store - they're individual drawer partitions - hard 1/4"x4" plastic strip with brackets. The brackets stick to the drawer sides & you cut the plastic to fit between them. You can divide up your drawer anyway you want to. I used them to make 2 pockets on each side a drawer to hold tupperware lids & tivets.

Good luck!

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