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kindred_nyFebruary 25, 2012

I ran into the people who owned my home before the PO from whom I bought the house (they were 2 owners ago). I have been so curious about some things, so it was a real treat to run into them (don't you love small towns?). I asked them if the trim work of my 1914 home was painted when they owned it. They said,"no" (YEAH!!!!!), "We painted it" (Uggghhhh, like a knife in my heart!) They said it was "ugly wood, chestnut or something". So I have paint stripper working on the kitchen doorway that leads to the basement right now... hehehe. Can't wait! Think I'll use shellack (amber) to blend in some of the graininess of the wood. Any hints or tips for shellack? I've never used it before.

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Just took off 1 layer of paint (using the no smell, so gentle you can put your hand in it kind of stripper) and the paint the po's used (the ones who painted the wood trim) is almost the exact color of sage green I have used in the kitchen! lol. Sometimes I think our homes tell us what colors they like and that's what we choose!

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"Any hints or tips for shellack? "

Shellac dries nearly instantly.

So fast it requires good technique with a good brush.

Buy some pine 1x4 wood and practice on it, including multiple coats.

Expect to pay around $20 for a good quality brush.

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thanks! I'm having a devil of a time now getting the paint off the trim...may have to start a new thread.

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if you know the paint job is fairly recent, you can freely use a pretty hot heat gun without worrying about vaporizing lead

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Make sure your shellac is fresh. Better yet, mix it yourself.

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Marvin Forssander-Baird

Kindred, you are SO right. Some of the colors that I chose for my house ended up being dead on when I found original paint under cedar shingles outside and on layers of Victorian wallpaper in an room upstairs. Houses talk. All you have to do is listen.

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