TV dinner freezer containers

MistymeJuly 9, 2002

Does anyone know of or have a source for plastic tv dinner freezer containers? I want to freeze meals as a unit. It's just an easier way to diet (control portions, etc.). I'd appreciate any leads or info.

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I save and reuse the containers from frozen dinners at the grocery store. If they get "over nuked" I toss them out. But most are reuseable. Just recently I made a large recipe of Turkey Tettrazini and put it in these saved containers, overwrapped well with Saran wrap, put in freezer baggies and put in the freezer. They portion size is good and with careful wrapping and sealing, I don't know why they couldn't be used several times before they get tossed out.

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Sometimes the Dollar Store has them.

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Do you have a Costco? They have them.


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I just bought a package of three, plastic with snap on lids, they are the reusable/disposable type by Ziplock. I got them at my local grocery store but I've also seen them at Meijer's.


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