Water damage below apron front sink?

htraceyFebruary 28, 2013

We have had our new cabinets for about a month now, and last night I noticed water damage on the front of the sink base. It looks like water is dripping down the door and a small part of the frame and causing the paint to bubble and lift. Has anybody had this problem? I have some of the paint so I know I can fix the current damage with a fine grit sand paper and a coat of paint, but I am wondering how I can prevent further damage?

We keep an eye on the area after doing dishes (most are done in the dishwasher anyway), and wipe the cabinets regularly, so this damage must have been casued by very small amounts of water. I am surprised to see it after such a short amount of time! I am wondering if there is something not so great about the paint used..

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More than a few threads on this topic here.

The paint finish does sound like it's an issue. However, some people have reported their sink cabinet doors actually warping after just a few months.

Two things to try. Leave a terry towel draped across the front of the sink to catch splashes. And install a drip rail below the sink on the rail above the door. It needs to be routered underneath, where you can't see it, to interrupt water as it flows over the rail and make it fall to the floor. Most people just use a piece of bullnose trim for the drip rail, although it can be integral to the sink, stained wood or sometimes made of the countertop stone.

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Circus Peanut

Drip rail! And definitely look into the warranty on the paint job.

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