Just don't take NO for an answer!

OklaMoniFebruary 18, 2013

As some of you know, I have been having major issues with my fridge/freezer combo.

It wouldn't keep both the fridge and the freezer at optimum temperature. My unit had only one temperature control.

Since I knew, ultimately I would have to replace it, I bought a replacement late last month, while the local appliance warehouse had "just what I wanted" on sale.

This unit sat in my back room ever since, while the other was still being "serviced". All service did not change the problem.

Today I swapped the units out, and once Mel came over we loaded the "dud" in his pickup, and took it back where it came from.

The service department lady called the manager on duty, and she came... and told me, no, we can't do anything for you.

I stated, this wasn't an option for me, as I could not leave with the fridge (Mel was waiting for me out in the truck) nor could I leave without any money back.

She said, she couldn't approve money back.

I asked to speak with the store manager.

Store manage told me, if I had bought an extended warranty there would be no problem. I countered, if he sold items in good working order, an extended warranty would not be necessary, and told him, I used to work here, and I know all about extended warranties (IMHO they just pad the stores registers).

I also told him, I could not walk out without money back.

Long story shortened... I did walk out with a store credit card, for the WHOLE amount of my purchase price.

I took Mel out for lunch for his help, and here I am... all :)


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Toni S

The wiser woman gets the deed done. Love it Moni! One trip is so much easier.

We recently had our Samsung flatscreen tv fixed for free because my son went online and discovered the problem we had (pixals turning green onscreen) was nationwide. He called Samsung who obviously knew about this problem and got them to send out a fellow to fix it. They didn't contest this request and we are thrilled we didn't have to buy a new tv. It pays to do some homework.

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Way to go girl! Too bad they didn't give you a cash refund but at least you can use your store credit for things you need around the house.

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Toni, our Samsung tv is doing the same thing. Do you know what site your son went to or could you find out from him please?

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Good for you!

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Congratulations, Moni - the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

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Good for you for standing up to them!

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Good job!!!

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Good job and a lesson I could learn.

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Glad it worked out for you

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Good for you Moni!

Toni and Linda, I hope you have better luck with your Samsung tvs than we did ours. Several years ago, we bought one, just a couple of weeks before the 2 year warranty was up, we had major problems with it. Two months later, they finally replaced it. They would not warranty the replacement. It didn't last 2 years either. We now have a Panasonic that is 3 years old. We won't be buying anything with the Samsung name on it anymore.


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Good for you!

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Anyone that has worked retail knows those extended warranties aren't worth the paper they are written on. They will almost always come up with a reason that whatever repair you need done is not covered.

Anyway! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!! 2 thumbs up!

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"You don't ask ... you don't get!".

But sometimes it takes a large mouthful of persistence.

o j

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