pebbledash...matching the exterior?

donkaFebruary 24, 2009

Hi folks,

I've got an old house built in 1914. The exterior is done in what I've been told is called 'pebbledash'. Apparently you put a layer of cement on the house first, then literally throw stones at it which stick to the surface. PO's of the house downsized a couple windows and left the exterior with just a layer of cement. I'm having a really hard time imagining how I'm going to fix this so that it matches the original finish. Does anyone have any experience with this type of finish? I'm located in Ontario, Canada, so if anyone out there knows someone who specializes in doing/repairing this kind of thing, let me know please!



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We have a lot of that kind of repair in my neighborhood. The pebble dash process is kind of cool. They use a large brush and snap it to throw the finish coat on to the scratch coat. Unfortunately, even if they get the texture really close, the color never quite matches. Some people try to paint the stucco, but again for whatever reason the patch shows through. The only truly seemless fix I have seen is to redash the whole house, but that is very pricey.

Not sure how attached you are to the smaller window, but any thought to putting in a window that was the original size?

BTW, Love the post on your porch.

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I love the posts too :) The porch is in serious need of repair, as is the rest of my house, so I'll probably be hanging out here a lot.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I guess it depends on how you look at it, the PO's put in a bathroom where that window is, and a shower stall is on the left of that window so I can't downsize. I'm taking the shower out and turning it into a small powder room and a wall will then be to the left of the window so it pretty much has to stay approximately the same size :(

I sort of figured I'd have to redo the whole exterior. Boo. I wonder what the process is for prepping this kind of finish to be refinished. Will I have to scrape off all these stones somehow?

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