ok, I need a real crock pot, any ideas?

KayCeeJuly 9, 2001

I am in the market for a good crock pot since what I have is a chef's pot, big difference, I like the way the crock pots don't heat the house up during the summer. I think I can save some money and lower bills this way. Anyone know of a good one? Brand? What features do I look for?

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I love my 5qt. oval Rival Crockpot. We are a big family and it's great. It has a removable liner that makes it easier to clean. The control knob has off, keep warm, low, and high positions. I have even cooked two meals in it at once with the oven bags. GREAT! I also have the teeny tiny 1qt. one that is called a crock-ette. It is great for small portions, it too has a removeable liner.

I think that you would be pleased with any make of crockpot as long as it has a removable liner for easy cleaning. It is such a wonderful appliance that I am looking for a 2-3qt. size one now.

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Mine are both Rivals as well. You probably won't beat the Rival price either. Check the discount stores and also the drug stores for sales. They are often used as "leaders" I see good sales often on them at the Drug stores.

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Go for a Rival. Mine is over 25 years old, and still going strong. It doesn't have the removable "crock," but after 25 years, I'm used to it. This is Rival's website, with something for everybody.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Rival Company

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