Pork& Sauerkraut in freezer since March...

nadastimerJuly 29, 2002

or maybe April. It's in a huge butter bowl and I was digging and found it today. My Gran tried to say that it's been in the freezer too long and the pork will taste funny (?) but I thought I would ask you guys...since you seem to use your freezer a lot. I was thinking this would be great to thaw out and heat up for dinner plus make some mashed potatoes...quick, good meal and the house won't get overly hot today. I froze it the day after I made it and it's been in there since. I think it should be fine.

BTW~Pork, sauerkraut, hotdogs and mashed potatoes are a big thing here in PA. Has to do with Pa Dutch tradtions. My fiance' LOVES it!


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I'd go ahead and make it and if it tastes funny - then throw it out. That's the only thing you really have to worry about. Freezing food retards any beasties from infesting the food so only the flavor may be affected. I hate to waste food - You've got nothing to lose by at least trying to reheat it before considering it bad!


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