Fiddling with fondant

annie1992August 16, 2012

As many of you know, I like to mess with fondant. I especially like making children's cakes, because they aren't as picky as the adults and they always love them, no matter if I mess up or not.

Elery asked me to make a cake for his granddaughter's 7th birthday and I happily complied. It's supposed to be a pillow holding the royal crown of the Princess:

Yeah, OK, it kind of is. I was told that the birthday girl's favorite cake was "just plain yellow", so I made a dense and rich butter cake with some almond glaze under the layer of fondant.

She loved it, so it's all good and Ashley wants me to make the same cake for Madison's 1st birthday in December, so I got a chance to practice.


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It totally is! Lovely.

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That's very beautiful. A little girl's dream cake. Takes a lot of patience to make those pretty little dots.

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I love the blue icing. I've been criticized in the past for making blue or turquoise icing! It sounds delish as well.

I have exactly the same mortar and pestle.


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Lars, I'm not surprised that you have that same mortor and pestel, Elery and I each have one, exactly alike and purchased separately. It's just a convenient size and the color seems to go with everything.

Did you notice that counter? It's paint! Elery's counters used to be similar to my orange ones and when we painted his kitchen we also did countertops. So far it's held up well and I've been amazed. I think I'm going to do mine as well.

Oh, and that's supposed to be purple but you are right, it's more dark blue.

Westsider, I have a mold that makes a perfect little string of pearls, you just stick in a chunk of fondant and squeeze it together and it makes the beads. The problem is that it falls apart when I remove the "string" and have a pile of fondant. I'm working on that, there has to be a trick....


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An amazing cake. Too precious to eat! What kind of cake is it?

I have never messed with fondant. Nor any real cake decorating. It looks fun.


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eileen, it IS fun, it's kind of like Playdoh, if you mess up you just squish it back into a ball and start again.

The cake was a very nice butter cake, with a cup and a half of butter and 6 eggs. Dense and moist, it was sturdy enough to hold up a layer of almond glaze and the fondant. I always glaze or frost under fondant because most people just peel it off. The kids, though, they'll eat it, it's nearly straight sugar.


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The cake sounds delicious. Yeah, I'd be a fondant peeler. Honestly, though, I've never had a piece of cake made with a fondant frosting. I might like it! I suppose I need to find more weddings to crash. ;)

I make plain cakes, no frostings. Usually a bundt with a glaze if anything.


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Very cute cake and the "beading" must have taken forever! I've played a lot with homemade marzipan for cake decorations, but have yet to make fondant. My niece makes beautiful and VERY tasty cakes w/ a buttercream layer beneath her fondant.

And, Annie, I hope it's ok to ask: what paint was used to produce that counter?! I can't believe it's paint! and you say it's holding up well?! I'm so afraid to try a painted counter because I figure I'll stab it with a knife tip or the tines of a fork and ruin it.

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Annie, all I can say is that you have way more patience than I! LOL

Lovely cake and I can see why any little girl would love it!

Our wedding cake had fondant icing and I learned at the first bite of that cake that it's very pretty but totally inedible! LOL


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I remember my grandmother making dates stuffed with "fondant" and a walnut half and dusted with powdered sugar. I loved those things. I think I'd gag on the sweetness now. Her "fondant" was made with mashed potatoes. I imagine it was actually potato candy but she called it "fondant."


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It is wonderful!!! Lily Beth would love it for her birthday but her grammy isn't as talented as you are.

I did notice the counter top and glass tile.

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That is fabulous fiddling with fondant.

Amazing artistry.

But it goes way beyond artistry.

It is very inspirational to the young minds to see adults engage in creative activities.


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partymusic, the paint is something called Gianni, we got it from Amazon, it comes in a couple of colors. You paint on the base coat, let it dry a couple of hours, then sponge on another color, let it dry, sponge on another. When it looks the way you want it, you apply two layers of a clear polyurethane type coating. That has to set for two weeks, which is the down side to the paint, so you can't set pans and such on the counters. So, if you can get a little cart or table and refrain from using the counters for two weeks, it's a cinch.

We've not stabbed it with a knife but we've done a lot of other things and it's still fine. Elery's sister did hers nearly 2 years ago and it still looks good.

The glass tile is also new, but Elery did that, he's handy. We've got to finish up the edges and we're done with his backsplash, thank goodness.

Linda, you're right, I think fondant is pretty much inedible, but the kids eat it whenever they get a chance.

Cathy, you could make it. Make a cake in a bundt pan, then buy some fondant and roll it out into a big enough circle to cover the cake. Cover the cake. The rosettes are simply a strip of fondant rolled into a spiral and the draping are also just flat strips of fondant. Those need some work.

You wouldn't need to do the beading, you could either use plastic beads and remove them before eating the cake, or use a piping bag and must make piped dots or even roll a couple of "snakes" of fondant, maybe two different colors, twist the ends to make a rope and use that.

Really, it's so easy you'd be amazed.

dcarch, I'm not sure it's all that creative, I copied a picture that Elery found, it's sure not an original idea at all.

Eileen, all the cake fondant contains is powdered sugar and corn syrup, I think some glycerin. There's a marshmallow fondant recipe that takes marshmallows and powdered sugar. I don't think the stuff in those dates was this kind of fondant but there is a fondant candy filling that has powdered sugar, butter and mashed potatoes, so that's probably it. You're so artistic, I'll bet you could make some beautiful cakes.


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