Can I fudge on freezer bags?

kellyJuly 17, 2001

Hi there,

I'm in the midst of my first ground beef plan. I started out with about 20lbs of ground beef, and I've only got one dish left to go!

So, now that I'm ready to start throwing this stuff in my freezer, I'm trying to find a way to skimp on freezer bags.

Will it be okay if I pack all the items in regular ziplock bags, and then slip them inside freezer bags? It seems like a silly question, but I'd hate to see anything go to waste.

I was hoping that then I could keep the freezer bags on the outside, and reuse them easily.

Also, will rubbermaid style containers help cut down on the smells leaking out? My mom used to have these thick, white plastic containers that she got from the restaurant business. Is something this heavy duty required, or will regular rubbermaid help keep the garlic and onion stinks inside? :-)

Thanks for the help!


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The freezer bag idea sounds like it will work just fine - just so long as the freezer bags are on the outside, of course. :-)

As for the smells, are you talking about smells in the freezer, or hanging on to the container? I always had a problem with the smells leaching into the plastic when using tupperware or rubbermaid stuff (then when you clean it, the dish still smells). I bought some of that new glad ovenware stuff, and it is *wonderful* - smells don't stick, stuff can go straight into the oven, easy to clean - I really like it (and now I can't find anymore, so am bummed out).

I also like just using aluminum foil pans (the cheap ones) -they aren't as easy to clean, but they work very well for rice-based cassaroles, etc. Another thing I've heard of is freezing everything in different containers until they're solid, then taking them out and wrapping them in tin foil for storage.

Congrats on your freezer full of food! Sounds like you've been busy today (I cooked last burger last night - 5 dishes in the freezer!). :-)

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My mom never owned a freezer bag. And I don't always use them. I save breadbags, potato chip bags, plastic grocery bags, cottage cheese cartons etc. I double wrap everything.The surface that touches your food should be food safe. For example, plastic grocery bags are fine for the outer wrap but never the inner wrap. Recently I froze four dozen beef and bean burritos. I made them small, and packed them two to a sandwhich bag (after freezing on trays). I put these baggies into a bread bag. Six burros to a bread bag. Then I twisted the bread bag just above the burros and folded the bread bag back over itself.
I tied the packages shut with yarn. We'll use them up over two months.

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I get freezer bags at the dollar store--they're not quite as thick as name brands, but they're not too bad. Generally I freeze in deli containers that I buy at the bar/restaurant supply store--50 for about $6. They come in half pint, pint, quart sizes and the lids are all interchangeable. Oh, and I, too save all those cottage cheese, margarine and other containers.

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I haven't bought a freezer bag in a long time. I save the box-liner bags that come with cereal, crackers, etc. They are thicker than freezer bags. I love them! I use them for so much - freezer, cheese, etc.

I even have some that I folded into sections lengthwise and made little slits about every centimeter. I made several rows of these. I use these for produce. I got the idea from those bags leaf lettuce comes in. They work as well as those Ziploc produce bags with the little holes in them which you cannot find anymore.

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