Sub Zero Pro 48 - Thoughts?

oldbat2beFebruary 6, 2013

I'm still trying to find the right fridge for my sink wall. I've been considering a 36" integrated or built-in model which we could panel, but due to inner configurations (does the gallon of milk fit on the door?) Thermador and SZ have bubbled to the top. I'm concerned the 36" counter depth is too small though.

Last night I spent some time online looking at the SZ Pro 48. (Maybe, maybe, maybe, an option). Crazy expensive of course but the more I look at the options, the more I'm getting used to the prices. In this case, I forget the paneling and embrace the SS. I love that it can be standalone.

What can you tell me about its performance? Does your gallon of milk fit nicely? Can you please watch for any on sale (I'm in New England) and give me a shout out? If you have one, please post a picture.

Help me off the cliff... or push me over:)


Contemporary Kitchen design by Atlanta Architect HammerSmith, Inc

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I have a built in Sub Zero 48 inch side by side. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this refrigerator!!! I don't buy gallon sized milks but my 1/2 gallon, juice container, etc fits perfectly. Lots of room in the door for condiments. I buy a lot of food & I usually am one to have a full fridge so I am very happy with this one. Plus---my fresh produce(I keep quite a bit because I juice) stays good SO LONG!

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Well, do you have the ROOM that this beast takes? I seem to remember that you have some sort of a stub wall between the kitchen and breakfast area that may limit your size. Or crowd your cleanup sink. What does the tale of the tape measure say?

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I wanted this frig back in 2006 when it first came out but I couldn't justify the $15,000 price tag. My wife didn't like it because of window (have to keep it neat) plus the loss of door storage.

Make sure your floor can support the unit. As I recall, it weighs 800 or 900 pounds empty.

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Thanks Kate618.

GreenDesigns - DH has confirmed that the stud wall is not structural and can be moved/removed. I have 37.5 inches in the current opening, plus 3.75 (?) for the stud wall=41.25 existing space. As you can see from the below picture, adding the additional 7 inches of fridge cuts in to the table seating area on the left side, but is doable. (I mocked it up last night). The wine rack will probably not fit anymore here.

I AM concerned about what happens to the room with the loss of the stud wall. Currently, it's a nice transition between the wall color in the eating area, and the sink area (which is adjacent to my busy dark brown tile).

One thought is to tile the whole (sink window) wall with something fun, from the left corner over to somewhere to the right of the wine rack area. Eating area back wall would not be tiled; I'm not sure how to transition this. I love the paint color on the right side of the room (BM Aura Vancouver Day) but it does not look as good next to the bold dark tile/sink area (that's actually a white with some grey in it, BM Aura Shimmer).

Another thought is to move the wall a few inches to the right (sigh) and use a 36" all fridge here, possibly paneled, possibly glass door, with an 18" all freezer column in the pantry.

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Physically, you may have room for it if you take the wall down, but I don't think it will work visually. It's too large to have there, and it encroaches on the dining area. I like the idea of the fridge only there and the freezer elsewhere. As long as you can deal with the ice issue.

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$15K in 2006?!!! It's beautiful, but then it would be elbowing into the other room, going "Look at me!" It's your money, but man, that's one hell of a statement piece.

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$15K??? Our Wolf cooktop, F&P oven, F&P refrigerator, Whitehaven 36" sink, Hansgrohe faucet, vent a hood, and granite counters all together cost that much. I wonder how we get by?

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OB2B - Your kitchen is beautiful with the cabinetry, magnificent backsplash, counters, millwork, etc. Why do you want to put a silver beast in that beautiful space? You are going to end up with the same look as the black refrigerator albeit another color.

Take the wall down and install a built-in refrigerator with panels surrounded by your beautiful cabinetry. Surely it is less expensive than the 48" free standing refrigerator. I have the SZ 36" over/under and love it. Yes, it can easily store a gallon of milk in the door, however, the salesperson said that is a no-no. What does he know?

Is there anyone that can draw up several options for you? This is a big decision. Best of luck dear friend.

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I have this fridge and absolutely love it! It wasn't in our budget at full price but we were able to get a deal on a floor model (that had never been even turned on!) and a floor model wolf range for the same price as the thermador units we were considering. I would ask about floor model options - the store we bought ours from wasn't advertising floor model sales but we just happened to ask one visit and got lucky. There is definitely more than enough room for a gallon of milk - we actually keep 2-4 gallons at a time on our top shelf along with juice, a water dispenser, and more. (We have 3 small kids one still taking a bottle so we go through a lot of milk!) Definitely let me know if you have any more questions as you consider this unit but I honestly could not be happier with the performance, the look, and the space (both fridge and freezer). I'll post a link to my kitchen below so you can see how we built ours in.

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen

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That is a beautiful refrigerator. I just wanted to chime in and let you know that our new kitchen aid french door counter depth fits a gallon of milk on both doors.

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I love that SS SZ frig and I love your kitchen aokat. I have saved pics of your kitchen in my kitchen file. I know it's pricey, but ooh la la.

Oldbat-- looking at your lovely kitchen...I think the paneled built in would be the way to go. I have a paneled 48" sz and it is huge. i rarely fill it up. Why do you think you need to keep your milk in the door? It stays colder in the frig.. I wouldn't let that factor limit my choices.

Is there any place else you can keep a freezer? Then you could do what Bee did and do the 36" all frig. Paneled or not with surrounding cabinetry...that would look nice too.

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I'm very happy with the 36" all fridge with glass door. People say they worry about keeping it neat, but really you can't see in it that easily, it's not like glass cabinetry. Also, the light doesn't stay on inside, unless you want it to do so. I also like the fact that I keep it cleaner on the inside, I mean, it IS food after all--don't I want it to be clean?

I wanted this Pro model you are asking about. I wasn't able to find it as a floor model anywhere..well, I was too late to the place that did swap theirs out...actually 2 places...

Anyway, we love our freezer drawers, we do have an icemaker in it. It is a SZ model as well. We also have a small chest freezer in the basement for the Costco runs.

I did get my fridge at about 1/2 price+ as it was a floor model.

I think if you do a glass front, not paneled, fridge it will feel more open. The paneled one might make the space feel closed in.

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Your space looks so beautiful. I would not want to remove that stud wall, or even move it over, which would affect the visual balance around your dining room window. We have a 30" Thermador Freedom refrigerator column and are so impressed with how much it holds, and how much longer our produce stays fresh than with our old fridge. The Thermador columns can be fully integrated into cabinetry, which would look great in your kitchen.

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I covet that glass front SZ. It took my breath away the first time I saw it and I still get pitter-patters every time I see a pix of it!

I agree with Bee in that a glass front refrig will make the area feel more well as removing that stubby wall. The short wall looks & feels like it's 'intruding' into the space.

BTW, measure the thickness of that wall. My walls measure something like 5'' so you may have an inch & a quarter more space that you initially estimated.

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I would highly recommend that you consider the Liebherr 48". it has the features of the SZ without the insane pricetag. I think we got ours for around $7500, though I can't remember exactly. we are VERY happy with it. the biofresh drawers are awesome for produce and it does have room for a gallon of milk in the door. here's a pic. not the greatest, but you get the idea.

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It looks beautiful! I would love that, but in no way could keep the see through part neat enough. I'm contemplating the SZ 48 side/side and am glad to hear a positive review.

In other matters, why do people on this forum seem so concerned with how other people spend their money?

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I have the Sub Zero 36" all fridge and I love it. I bought Strawberries at costco more than a week ago and they are still fresh. I just find my fruit stays a lot fresher than in my old Viking 36" Fridge/freezer. I keep 1/2 gallons of juice in the door.

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Fori is not pleased

I don't like the look of that thing in your kitchen. At least not THERE, edging into your dining space.

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I so very much appreciate the input from all!

Here's a photoshop of the fridge in place. This is probably farther out than it would be and looks a little large for the space. I was hoping it would tie the whole space together. When I get the computer back (I'm being kicked off by DS) I will try some more options :)

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That is my dream frig, if there can actually be such a thing, but I don't think it works in your space. It's too industrial for the style house you have. I really think a paneled frig would look best. Good luck!!

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To me, it looks like a vending machine... :(

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oldbat2be - that is a GORGEOUS fridge.... but I don't know that it works without being built in. To me it looks unfinished in your mock up.

I wonder how a built in 36' model would look?

Love your kitchen and all those windows!

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Oh my. That does not look good. I just think your kitchen is far, far, FAR too beautiful and elegant for that very utilitarian fridge especially in that location.

Plus for that price you could get a sleek liebherr or similar, totally tied into the space with your cabinetry, e.g. a side gable to the left and maybe a nice glass cab or other softening / finishing touch above.

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It's a beautiful thing, but it does look like a vending machine in your space.

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$15,000? Maybe if you installed a coin slot.....nah.

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agreed with poster above, it looks like a vending machinne. not good! stick with the original plan and keep the wall. and save yourself some money to boot!

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I have to agree with mahlgold that it is an uber fridge for the right space, but your kitchen is not the right space.

For folks who don't know, the fridge currently lists at essentially $16K. That does not include the side or top panels needed for a stand alone installation. I also question how nice the view from the table would be. By the time you get the panels, installation, delivery, pay for the construction, refinishing or the space and sales tax, you're over $20K. It is well above the sticker shock of a $7K more typical built-in. But it's not the money that bothers me as much as what it does architecturally to the space.

I think removing that stud wall breaks the architecture of that space that makes the breakfast room and inviting and tranquil space and turns it into a table sitting in an aisle. It throws off the balance of the windows and the vaulted ceiling doesn't make sense any more. The interest and beauty of the ceilings and windows is lost to a glass door fridge. The tranquility is replaced with a commercial feel. Those windows and light are the kinds of things that people will buy houses over. They are something I can't add to my house at any price. I'm not going to tell folks that buying a BI fridge is a bad thing (I have one in a neighborhood where it is not the norm), but in this case and IMHO, $20K worth of fridge would actually take away from the value of the home.

I think panels would be wasted too. You might be able to put panels on a fridge standing by itself at the end of a run (assuming there is room for a side panel and the fridge in width and without encroaching on the window trim), but it is still going to look like a fridge. The big, boxy cabinet at the end with nothing above it isn't going to fool anyone. It doesn't look like you can put a cabinet overhead without cutting into the window frame. If you can, then perhaps it will tie in with your other cabinets, but I still don't think you will fool anyone.

Frankly, this is one kitchen where I'd probably just get a regular or counter depth 36" fridge in white (maybe white glass?) or stainless. I'd get a bottom freezer so the break is below the counter height and the visual above is cleaner. The dual access of a French door would probably make a lot of sense in that location. And you can have plenty of gallon storage in the doors (the reason you hear that is a no-no is because items kept in the door are typically exposed to more warmer air when the doors are opened and closed, but many folks go through milk fast enough that the difference is not significant). That is going to look so much different than a black fridge with a top freezer. And it will keep the beautiful feel of your kitchen and breakfast room.

Just one more amateur's opinion.....

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Oldbat--I love your kitchen, even with the black fridge. I'm sorry that I have to agree that that particular fridge (and I lusted after that one even though it would have meant no drywall, no new fireplace, no houseful of doors and trim, no furnace, etc in my house reno) doesn't work well in your house after seeing your photoshopped image. Like Lascatx, I dislike what a huge, commercial-looking fridge does to the eating space. It doesn't look elegantly proportioned or comfortable anymore. Just squished and awkward.

I'd opt for a 36" BI of some sort instead. IIWY and had pantry space so close by for a freezer, I'd do an all fridge there to handle all my produce and milk storage. I often wish I had your arrangement with a large pantry for a freezer so I could have an all-fridge unit in the kitchen proper.

I know you've been working your sink wall for a while. Keep at it! You've got an incredible room there!

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I too lust after that 48" Subzero, but I also agree with the other posters who have said it wouldn't go in your lovely kitchen. If you are going to take down the wall, I agree with others who have suggested that a fully-paneled integrated fridge would look great. It would transition well between the two spaces. I remember Honeychurch's paneled Thermador FD in particular. The fridge doesn't have to be a Thermador, but the fridge should be totally fully-integrated, meaning no fridge parts show, i.e. no grill, trim or hinges visible. The fully-integrated fridges are pricey plus the cost of the panelling, but still not as much as the 48" Subzero. The Thermador columns allow you to customize the size of the freezer and fridge to how you need to store food (i.e. bigger fridge space or bigger freezer space, etc.).

I am linking a thread where Honeychurch has a pic of her fridge (about a third of the way down) so you can see it truly looks like an armoire. And of course, you put whatever handles on that fit with your kitchen. There are other cool pics in the thread too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honeychurch's fridge in a thread about Thermador columns

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For that much money, i would go with something that looks great. I got a 36" all fridge and a 36" all freezer that I had paneled for about 13 thousand. I would think the 48" all stainless or a paneled fridge would look better.

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I think taking that wall out will still give you the feeling that you have lost a separate eating space and take away from your windows and ceiling treatments -- not as much as the commercial fridge, but still will feel more like an aisle or part of the work area rather than this tranquil space with a beautiful windows and time for reflection. Can you tell I like your windows? LOL

I think you will loose finishing details in the window trim and balance of the nook. I wouldn't move the wall at all. If you really want a built-in, maybe an all fridge in the kitchen and a freezer in the pantry is your best option, but I don't think you are going to get the full benefit of a BI in that location. And I say that as a built-in owner. Just look at it carefully.

I am only seeing one angle here -- look at it carefully from as many angles as possible and look at all the things it will impact.

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Hi all, I've read and reread your suggestions and comments many times. Advice about how planned changes will work visually is carefully considered. I'm trying to keep the hippocratic oath in mind here: First, do no harm.

Regarding not moving the stud wall, what do you think of the idea of: Paneled fridge, with paneling to the ceiling, painted same color as wall in eating nook (Vancouver Day, very pale gray-blue). Could also incorporate glass at top instead of short cabinet.

The idea would be to use the paneled cabinet as a virtual wall/divider.

I've mocked up the kitchen in sketchup (love that program) and below are shots of the kitchen from left and right; as is and with a 36" fridge. This could be fridge only with freezer column in pantry, I'm showing an over under here.


Kate618, aokat, finestra, bee, love to hear how much you love your SZ's, and thanks for the feedback on the different sizes. kitten1313 - good luck! (aokat15 - LOVE your kitchen!)

bee- thanks for the feedback ... and the other feedback too :) I really like your 36" all glass but now am thinking the paneled may be a better look for my kitchen. (I'll never know unless I mock it up so I should!).
ci_lantro - I'll post a picture with a mocked up all glass :)

djlandkpl - good point about the weight reminder.

LWO, fori, mahlgold, hobokenkitchen, taggie, linelle, babushka_cat, - Thanks for commenting. I'm interested in your thoughts with the 36" in place.

motherof3sons - I actually rather like the black/ contrast(just not the beast). Let me know what you think of this option instead and when are you going to show us that gorgeous backsplash?!

Thanks amandasplit, good to know.

kaysd - I really like the Thermadors, too. Definitely an option.

modern_mom - love the colors in your kitchen, (I'm drawn to contrast). Liked seeing your liebherr in place.

lascatx - I just loved what you wrote about the space. That is precisely how I feel about it and hearing it from someone else was immensely satisfying. I don't want to lose this.

breezygirl - Good to hear from you... I'm thinking more and more about an all fridge here.

akchicago - I really like honeychurch's paneled fridge, thank you for linking that post. I love the armoire look and feel.

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36" over under, no glass, simpler paneling:

48" paneled, no glass, from right:

48" paneled, no glass, from left:

And if anyone feels like mocking up something, I would gladly send you my sketch up file:)

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Fori is not pleased

I like the wall. It's a little wall, but darn it it defines the dining room and well, everything Lascatx said.

If the wall has to go, I prefer the 36" with the simpler paneling and cabinets to the ceiling.

Can you not squeeze in a 36" integrated without removing the wall? Paneling is nice but feels like cabinetry (duh!). The wall makes that nook, stubby as it is!

If you can stick a freezer in the pantry, what about a 30" column integrated into that space? Or stick the 48" SZ in the pantry and a yellow Smeg mini fridge into the kitchen? :)

I do admit that your current fridge looks like it's hiding and waiting for its prey...

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I like the 48, paneled, cabs to ceiling and without the glass. Now that I see it, you have so much glass with those gorgeous windows that the over-fridge glass cabs actually distracts the eye from them.

But I think the 48 itself looks great in the space and it sounds like it will be more functional for your family than a smaller fridge. Good luck whatever you decide.

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Keep the wall. Without it, the room feels too large and undifferentiated. Even plain stainless without the panels works when you have the wall. Or paneled if you want. But, you don't need it.

36" doesn't overwhelm the space. 48" does. No matter if it's paneled or not. It's just too large visually. Something like that looks best with more cabinets next to it, so it's hidden better in a "wall of tall" type look. As the "end stop" to that cabinet run, honestly, a 30" -36" all fridge would be the best look.

I think you'd be surprised at how much even a smaller all fridge built in will hold. Go to a showroom with a few Tupperware containers of odd sizes and see for yourself. If you want to save tens of thousands, look at the Electrolux Twins. I think the fridge there would be perfect in size, and give you everything that you functionally need. As long as you have room for the freezer in the pantry that is.

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fori, that's hilarious about the black fridge waiting for its prey. It only thinks it's hiding, since it stands out in its blackness.

I'm for keeping the wall. It separates and give a finished look without being intrusive. I can't explain it, but I find it aesthetically soothing.

I don't mind fridges looking like fridges, so I'm not a big proponent of paneled appliances. I think a stainless fridge in the existing space would look dandy.

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Even paneling a 36" throws off the symmetry of your sink window and that wall. I'm not that stuck on symmetry, but it isn't balanced either -- to have one side smooshed up against the window and the other side have a wall break. Your kitchen was built for a standard freestanding fridge and I'm afraid that is what will work best. Not that it is a bad thing at all. I LOVE my Thermador columns and said I'd never want to go back, but then a year or so later, we replaced the utility room fridge with a standard 33" bottom freezer LG and I'm totally happy with that one too.

Maybe what you need most is to stop looking at every GW kitchen and all the built-in fridge options. I think you have a case of fridge envy. I can look at your kitchen and get some window and island seating envy. We all have our limitations and tradeoffs.

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Hi OB2B! I like the 36" paneled frig. More important is what YOU like. And, I regret to say the backsplash is yet to be installed. I am on the schedule for March or early April.

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Lone voice here but I think that wall looks silly and just takes up space. Creates an unnecessary and hard to clean corner to dig debris out of and more baseboards to keep wiped down.

Bothers me that the walls perpendicular to the front window wall are not the same distance from the sides of the window.

IMO, the bump-out is self defining because of the windows and the cathedral ceiling. That wall stub is a distraction and intrudes on the space that the windows create, i.e., the window 'statement', so to speak. The wall just looks like an afterthought, to me.

Love the SZ but it may be just a little too big, aesthetically, for the space. What I would probably do, being a cheapskate, is opt for a 36'' refrig enclosed with panels and a with an above the refrig cabinet that matches the other cabinetry. That is, after I took a sledgehammer to that wall! :)

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fori - loved the comment about the fridge hiding. It really does look like that in the drawing.

taggie, I too like the 48 but think it's too big and don't like the transition on the right (i.e., no wall).

greendesigns - thanks. Tupperware is a good idea. I tend to pack as much into whatever space I have (and regularly throw out stuff from the fridge I've forgotten about). I looked at the Electrolux but found some bad reviews. Another option I've considered is the 32" Frigidaire Pro.

lascatx - I do have a big case of fridge envy, you're right, but I'm not sold on the freestanding fridge yet. I hear what you're saying about symmetry.

motherof3sons - thanks, problem is, I know what I don't like (what I have)... something is just not right with the sink wall the way it is. Speaking of your tile, I'm ready to come help you tile, just to see how it looks:)

ci_lantro - thanks for the dissenting opinion (always good to hear), but I do like the wall.

I am going to start a new thread to continue design on this. Thanks all!

Here is a link that might be useful: New thread with 36 inch and walls

This post was edited by oldbat2be on Wed, Feb 13, 13 at 8:30

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The SZ Pro is awesome - but for me does not come with shelves inthe refridge door so it has been ruled out. We are thinking SZ 48 sxs or Jennair if we want to save some money.

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Hi All,
We are in the market for a new Fridge and the SZ 48" Pro is first in the running. I read through the comment thread here and you all have excellent points and suggestions! So could I ask a few follow up questions to this thread even though it was posted back in February?

Our kitchen is very white - white cabinets, white sink, white appliances, white panels on the SZ 42". We need a new fridge and would like to veer away from the White (possibly moving to SS appliances in the far future?). With that said, would a SS SZ 48" look like a sore thumb in our white kitchen? I posted some pictures (please excuse all of the Halloween decorations). :) We have 3 young kids and need more room for the milk gallons, juice, etc. How is the fridge working for you without the door shelves? We seem to always have a lot of condiments - where do you put them? Also, is a fridge without a door ice machine/water dispenser very inconvenient? Did you install a water dispenser at your sink to compensate?

Thank you so much.

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Picture 2

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Picture 3

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Picture 4

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Hi MFlip,

Your Halloween decorations look lovely! We did not proceed with the SZ purchase; instead plowed into a few other projects at the house.

I'm wondering whether you would actually have room for the 48"? From the pictures, it looks like aisle width would be compromised. If you have the space and can afford this dreadfully expensive beast (after whom I continue to pine), I'd love to see you go for it!

Best of luck,


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Thank you Old Bat! :)

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