Batch cooking by accident, lol!

Jane in CTJuly 20, 2001

What a day I had yesterday. After grocery shopping at 2 stores I accidentally decided to batch cook! I made 6 meals and lunch too!

I realized that we were having Taco Salad for supper so I started to scramble it. While doing that I noticed that Sunday's meal is Pasta/meatballs :) so I started that up too! After realizing what was happening I had decided to make an extra meal of meatballs to freeze and to scramble the rest of the hamburg to freeze for two more meals! I looked again at my menu and noticed that I needed baked potatoes for dinner so I threw them in the crockpot and started to thaw chicken pieces for Saturday's Dinner in the microwave. I put the chicken in an oven bag on top of the potatoes in the crockpot ;) I love it when a plan comes together! Lunch for today is egg salad so while all this was going on I also hard boiled the eggs, lol! What a mess but what an accomplishment. And still got the kiddos to their music lessons and had a short visit with my mother!

I never did get to do what was on my to do list for yesterday, lol!

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LOL - too funny!! That's sorta the way I stumbled on to it too... thinking to myself, "Ya know, I could just cook all this hamburger up now and freeze the extra...well, but since I'm already making this I should mix this up and make this too - won't take any extra time/room...and while I'm standing here, may as well boil some eggs..."

Kinda fun, isn't it? :-)

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