Sara351July 7, 2002

I'm getting tired of having to make my (and Finace's) lunches everyday. I thought about making a week's worth ahead of time and freezing them. I have access to a microwave, but he does not. He loves cold cut sandwiches... do those freeze well? What else? I've made some enchiladas for me, but after a week of them, they're getting old.

Please be kind, I'm so new to cooking that I need easy recipes! Any budget-fiendly ideas would be welcome, too!

Thank you (from a cooking newbie)

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My friend takes her cold cuts and cheese and wraps them up a couple of slices of meat with a slice or two of cheese, wraps them up for individual sandwiches rather than leaving them in the fridge. So all her husband does in the morning is get the bread, take one package of meat from the freezer and slaps them together before leaving for work. This prevents the meat or cheese from spoiling or from being eaten as a snack and has saved her some money.

Same thing with the enchilada's, wrap them up and leave them in the freezer rather than in the fridge, they will last longer and you don't have to eat them all that same week. Make a double portion of dinner and wrap the extra up as freezer dinners.

Just a couple of ideas we use here.

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Cold cut sandwiches wouldn't freeze. I agree with making up the individual meat and cheese packets. Substitute bagels, tortillas, buns for bread once in a while. As for yours, mix up hot and cold to your tastes. As posted above also, make a little more at dinner to freeze or use the next day for yourself. Meatloaf makes hot or cold sandwiches. Lasagna, casseroles, etc can be made in large quantities and frozen in smaller portions. If you mix things up you won't get as bored.

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