Freezing pizza crust.

PatJune 9, 2001

I just found this site and like the ideas. I have cooked in large batches in the past and found it convenient. Reading everything here is making me seriously think about ways I can cut my daily time in the kitchen.

My question is about pizza crust. I've made a whole wheat pizza crust in my bread machine before that I like because it is healthier than white dough crust. I know I can freeze the dough but when we get home at night and are hungry, the last thing I want to do is roll out pizza dough. I was wondering if it would be possible to cook or partially cook the crust from my dough and freeze the prepared crusts for easy use during the week? Any ideas about how I might do this?


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I make bread machine dough all the time and prepare my pizza on a pan like I always would then freeze it rather than put it in the oven on the pan and cover it with foil or saran wrap. You can always take it off the pan one frozen the cook it back on the pan like you would a frozen pizza, it turns out great I think. Ive never frozen just the base but Im sure you could do it the same was and just thrown the toppings on as the frozen dough is starting to thaw a little.

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Thanks for the reply! So, you prepare the whole pizza and freeze it? Sounds like a good idea. Do you partially bake the crust?

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no I never bake the crust and when I pull pull it out frozen I put it in the oven on 400 not pre-heated and that way the crust starts thawing and cooking slowly without buring. Also I find doing it on a stoneware pan with no grease just flour works well. bth grease and flour your pan before freezing the pizza that way it pops of the pan.

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I made a couple of big batches of pizza dough, rolled out the crusts, partially baked them (about 8 minutes), and let them cool completely. I then stacked them with waxed paper between them, wrapped the stack in foil, and froze them. They are great!

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I pre bake my crust for about 5-8 min--about half done--then cook then I stack them and wrap and freeze--we did 40 crust this way for a party once--then the kids did the fixings--worked great

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I bake mine on a Stone at 400* for only 6min. , then freeze un assembled. My biggest headache is trying to find a bag large enough to freeze it in. I recall from my restaurant days, the health insp. prohibiting using trash can bags for food storage. He said some are treated with chemicals to repel "pests" in their landfill afterlife! Yuk! He said it could leach into the food, so I have always been wary of using them. Any ideas!?

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I pre-cook the crusts before freezing. I make pizza dough in my bread machine. I get four dinner plate sized pizzas from one batch. I shape the crusts, sprinkle on a little corn meal and put them in a large, lightly oiled, cast iron skillet. I turn them once during the cooking which takes only a couple of minutes on a side. They are just cooked through--and very lightly browned. I cool and freeze. I've kept them for up to two months. When I'm ready to use them, I put on the desired toppings, bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or so. Everyone gets exactly the pizza they want.
I also freeze sauce in 8 oz. cup yogurt cups. That's enough to cover two crusts.

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You can buy 2 gallon size zip bags, they are always a generic brand. I find mine at Target, they work great.

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I'd like to have the recipe for whole wheat pizza crust if anyone has it.

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