Blizzard + scheduled hood/range install = ????

ArchitectMammaFebruary 8, 2013

After having the appliance install guys here last Friday for two hours, they determined that we had to modify the cabinetry over the hood in order to install it. After being frustrated that the specs weren't followed by the cabinet guys, they surprised me modifying it quickly in the field and we're ready to try this install again today. The appointment is for 12 pm, right when this snowstorm is supposed to kick in. Geez. And here I thought we had taken care of all the variables!!
Fingers crossed....I'm dying to stay in and cook/bake all weekend!

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

hang in there!

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Sink delivery today. (Had to buy early because it's being discontinued.). Cutting open boxes on the front lawn and hoisting cast iron in heavy snow and 50+ mph winds. Wish me luck.

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Hope they get there, Architect. Marcolo, I just had some hilarious visions in my head with your description. Keep safe, please. At least the sink will help keep you grounded should a huge wind gust hit you!

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Wait, Marcolo forgot to schedule nice weather for delivery? That doesn't sound like him, lol!

Best of luck with the snow! It's flurrying here at the moment. We might even get a chance to try out the new generator hook up that was installed this week with the new panel box. Should be able to flip the switches, turn the generator on, plug in to special plug outside, then flip the switches again and have heat from the generator!

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Things I Don't Want to Read on GW:

Marcolo breaks his knee. Again.

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Architectmamma- hang in there, they delivered my cabinets in the summer, I figured weather would be perfect, that's why I did it in the summer. Both days they came, heavy rains! Nothing was easy for me. It will be okay though. It all works out!

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Marcolo- nice visual on the sink delivery.

Williamsem-you might get fire up that generator. Our generator arrives on Monday....we are going to be laughing/crying if the power goes out in this storm.

Thanks for all the good wishes. I called to confirm the appointment and they say we are still on. There may be a delicioua roast in my weekend meals after all!

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No worries. Estes Freight decided not to deliver at all, even though it won't be bad out until after my time window passes. Nice of them to tell me, not. So now they'll come Monday, by which time there will be no blizzard, but there will also be nobody else here to help. So don't completely rule out more exciting posts next week.

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My fingers are crossed for you too, Mamma! You do, of course, know that we expect to see pictures of this immediately after install and to see pics of the yumminess you create with said range and hood!

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