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vitalsFebruary 13, 2014

I'm in the process of remodeling a kitchen in my brick 2-wythe 1880 home. The kitchen has one exterior brick wall and it is currently completely stripped of sheetrock(haphazardly put in along with some foil backed insulation about 10 years ago)

I have carefully read all the NPS briefs and buildingscience and such info online about insulating historic masonry and came to conclusion that I will rather keep this wall uninsulated and focus on air sealing. Mainly because the wall is vulnerable to some leaking and mositure due to ice dams and wind driven rain. I will be addressing those separately, but the point is, the wall is not safe from bulk water.

So I'm thinking of just framing a wall in front of the brick wall and hanging drywall over it. Does that sound reasonable? Do I need any kind of vapor barrier? I'm thinking not, as if there ever any moisture, it will just make it worse. What are the typical steps for finishing a brick wall inside without insulation?

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Your conclusion differs from that of Building Science Corp. for the US Department of Energy in their 2011 published guidelines on internal insulation of masonry walls. (See particularly page 20 and on.) Spray foam and hybrid spray foam and fibrous insulation perform well, they conclude. If there is some unusual drainage problem, rebuilding the wall the way it was won't do anything to improve it.

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