Narrow width oak floor

lobsterbirdFebruary 9, 2006

We are looking for narrow width oak flooring (inch and a half wide, not sure of depth yet) to match an existing floor that is 50-60 years old. Local flooring stores no longer sell this type of product. It's been suggested that I contact lumber yards as a resource. A few may still be able to obtain it, and then I'd have to stain and finish. I'm wondering how well it would blend in with the original floor. If it won't be an exact match, I'd rather have it look like it was patched a long time ago. (The remainder of our house has much older floors.) Anyone have ideas about other sources? Would recycled antique floor dealers carry this? Salvage stores? And is it worth the trouble to find, or should I just patch the area with new?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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I don't think it would be that hard to find what you're lookihg for. I have three suggestions:

1. Google
2. "Fine Homebuilding" magazine, which typically has one or more ads from companies that specialize in old and reclaimed flooring.
3. Post this in the "Flooring Forum."

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What we had to do was to remove the amount needed from our bedroom closet floor to use as a patch in the living room and use the new stuff in the closet where it is hidden.
Just a thought if you have hidden flooring that matches better like in a pantry or else where, make the switch.

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Theres a place in Chambersburg Pa that makes all kinds.They matched up some from an old railroad station theyre restoring.

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I also scavenged some from closets for the main hall work. Then I had a major renovation project and I had to continue oak flooring into an area which was previously a kitchen with lino on plywood floor. I ripped out the old floor including the plywood underlayment and stripped the flooring from one of the upstairs bedrooms and re-installed it in the new area. I then refloored the bedroom with laminate flooring. It was a major job.

I'm wondering if you have any Habitat Re-Stores in your area, or within a drive's distance.


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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

kudzu9 - Tried googling and got bupkes! I guess the concept of narrow width flooring is relative - most responses refer to 3-5" flooring strips as opposed to older wide planks. Will post to Flooring forum as well and check out Fine Homebuilding mag.

outofmytree and naturelle - Wish this flooring continued into closets, but it doesn't. No other place from which to rob Peter to pay Paul.

bulldinkie - Do you know the name of the company in Chambersburg? Is it a lumber yard or restoration firm? Could be what I'm looking for. Not too far away, either.


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I think it was just called wood Flooring.I just saw a tour on tv.PCN them.Everyweek they do tours of all these businesses in Pa.It was just on last week.They make all kinds bamboo.pine oak etc restore old.They show haw they make flooring from raw boards.It was interesting.PCN is on channel 3 or 4.They showed all these different floors waiting to be shipped out.All different amounts.

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bulldinkie - I've seen the PCN Tours show. (I seem to recall an interview with Georges Perrier which was quite entertaining.) Yes, you are right about the name of the company. PCN's website lists the show as Woods Flooring. I just emailed Woods inquiring about narrow width flooring. Thanks for the info!


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I have about 650 square ft of old oak flooring that I want to sell. If you buy this kind of wood, please e-mail me with a lowest price you are willing to pay for the material.
Thanks walter

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