has any one tried freezing cream cheese...

Jane in CTJune 8, 2001

and did it turn out okay?

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I have frozen cream cheese, but when you thaw it out it is grainy(?). You can never get that smooth texture back. I was not happy with the results.


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Jane, I know when we freeze a large hunk of blue cheese, we always thaw it in the refrigerator - NOT at room temp. You might try this with a block of cream cheese and see how it works.

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I freeze cream cheese. The texture certainly changes -- grainy, crumbly. I wouldn't use it for spreading, as on bagels, but I do use it in cooking, as in cheesecake. Once it's thawed and thoroughly mixed with eggs and other ingredients, it seems to work fine.

The slow thaw may make a difference. I haven't tried it.

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no slow thaw is the same, grainy, clumpy, but still tastes fine in cheese cake...I'm new here..Hi nice to meet you all :)

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I freeze cream cheese all the time. As mentioned, it's best used in recipes, but if you let it defrost completely, then beat it well with an electric mixer (at least 5-10 minutes), it will get much smoother and creamier--and I feel it's acceptable as a spread. You could always try freezing half a package--that you bought on sale, of course, then see how it turns out, and whether or not you're satisfied with the results.

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I found out that using thawed cream cheese does not work well to make cheeseballs. I made one from thawed cream cheese and to this day the recipe is known as "cheese mass" as it does not hold it's shape. lol

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I freeze cream cheese, I find that the Philly brand thaws out crumbly and messy. I found a Crystal Farms brand, I live in colorado and I don't know if it is a local brand or not. Anyway it thaws out creamy without the runny crumblyness and I spread it on bagels. Good luck

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