Gettin' the habit/heating up rice

jamie_mtJune 26, 2001

Okay, I've been doing batch cooking (2x per week) for the last three weeks, and this Sunday I did a whole week's worth of cooking - so I'm at one month! It is *totally* influencing my grocery list for July and nightly schedule...truely amazing how such a little thing can make such a big difference!

I only have one question for now do you heat rice up in the oven without it getting "grainy"? It heats up beautifully in the microwave (I did it all the time at my parent's house), but I don't have a microwave, and last time I made a rice dish for the freezer and heated it up, the rice was kind of "grainy" in texture, if you know what I mean.

Any ideas? Or should I just add the uncooked rice when I put it in the oven after thawing? (It does cook rather well that way...)

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Well, it seems I've solved my own problem. Heated up another rice dish last night, but instead of using the glad "ovenware" dish I froze it in, I put it in an aluminum baking dish and made sure to cover it tightly with foil (can't use the ovenware covers in the oven). I also heated it at a higher temp - 400 instead of 350, and it came out tasting like I had just made it - nice texture and all.

Life is good once again. :-)

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Good for you.....i was going to tell you to wrap it tightly in foil. Thanks for sharing the outcome.

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