Freezing milk and eggs??

LisaMJune 8, 2001

I would like to take advantage of sales on milk and eggs. How safe are they to freeze? I usually use powdered milk when baking, but would frozen milk thaw alright for drinking? What about freezing raw eggs for future baking?



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I have frozen milk and it is fine when you thaw it. Just shake it before using it. Sorry, I don't know if eggs freeze well or not. I've not tried freezing them, but I have heard that they don't. Good luck.


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We buy milk by the gallon but I am the only one that drinks
it so when we bring it home we divide it up in several 1/2
gallon milk containers and freeze them. Be sure to shake it
up when it thaws.There is no taste difference.Many people
that have a cow also do it.

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Yes you can freeze eggs, and they will be just fine.
freeze a couple, and let them sit out to defrost and see for yourself, if you're a little apprehensive.
I just found this out this morning. On occasion my fridge freezes things for no apparent reason. It froze a brand new container of sour cream too. now it looks mealy and separated. i hope stirring will help when it defrosts.

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I don't like the texture change in yolks if they are frozen as whole eggs. I break a dozen eggs into a bowl and whip with a whisk until they are just blended, not fluffy at all. Then I freeze in ice cube trays. I have two older trays that make quite large ice cubes, so when I divide the egg mixture, each cube equals one egg, for use in baking, etc. I've also frozen two or three "eggs worth" per container in empty small yogurt tubs, etc., then popped them out and put in a freezer bag for easy storage. Corrie

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