Cooking chicken with bones?

No June CleaverJune 13, 2001

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question. After graduating from college, I'm just learning how to cook. Anyway, I love cooking boneless chicken (breasts and thighs) because they can be put in all sorts of dishes. My question is--is it cheaper to get the boned chicken and debone it after cooking? And if so, how do you cook it? I don't have any fancy cooking gadgets, just the oven/stove. I cover my boneless chicken in oil and spices then bake covered in foil. Is that how you cook boned chicken too? Thanks for any help or advice.

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Yes, it is cheaper to buy chicken that still has the bone/skin, and yes, you can bake it as described above. If I'm cooking a lot of it, I generally just boil it on the stovetop in a large kettle. Then when I take the chicken out, I can render (boil down) the stock until it's very concentrated and freeze it in ice cube trays. Then store it in the freezer in ziplocks, and you have stock for soups and all sorts of stuff. :-)

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