thank you!!!! i finally tried it!

JessicaJune 7, 2001

I just wanted to say thank you everyone!!! Sunday I took all the meats out of my freezer and made dinners out of all of them. I made about 2 weeks worth of food. I even boiled my hamburger!!! It was quite a humerous scene because I don't know how to cook at all (i needed a recipe to learn how to boil the water) and every single pot, pan, and dish was dirty and all the ingredients were piled on the countertops. However, I survived and all this week, it has been a snap fixing dinner. I just make side dishes while heating up the main course. Very helpful!!! Thank you all for putting out the recipes and the votes of confidence. I know that I am far from having OAWC mastered, but I feel pretty good about my start. I think this is going to save us plenty of $$ and time which is a necessity at this point! Thanks everyone!!

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Excellent! Congrats on your first real "cooking" experience - exciting and rather rewarding, isn't it? You'll be esp. pleased to know how much money you save eating home-cooked meals...

My kitchen was a total *disaster* after cooking only one weeks worth of stuff last weekend, so I sympathize with ya there. But it is *so* worth it... Keep us posted on how it goes! :-)

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The nice thing is that it gets easier as you go ...ou learn lots of tricks to make it go faster and smoother.......Congrats.

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