Can anyone explain this? Slime in heavy cream

cloudy_christineAugust 15, 2013

It's ultra-pasteurized cream, not sour, and only a day past the sell-by date.I poured it on crushed raspberries and a small amount of .. slime ... came out. It didn't blend into the raspberry-tinted pink cream. It's a little, separate patch of white goo.
I know cream eventually gets a solid part as it spoils, but that solid stuff is not slimy. Is this just the first stage of that process? That I have somehow never encountered in all these years?

My imagination is running to slime molds, possibly from other galaxies, spreading through unsuspecting dairies. Cream should not do this.

And by the way, never ever do a web search on this. : - (

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Wow, that's something I've never encountered. I would throw it out.

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I would take the receipt back to the store and get my money back.

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