Sea Bass cheeks?

OlychickAugust 23, 2014

My fish monger had fresh sustainably harvested sea bass cheeks today, but no suggestions about what to do with them, as it was the first time they've had them available.

I buy fresh halibut cheeks whenever they are available and love them, but I never cook sea bass. She suggested I use as I do the halibut, but I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions (I usually make fish and chips, or halibut piccata with the halibut cheeks).


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Sorry I don't have an answer except that I can't imagine the cheek of one white fish needs to be treated much differently than that of another white fish, but your question leaves me intrigued. I've heard many people rave about cheeks but I've never eaten any. I kind of assumed they're a prized morsel such as the "oyster" in a chicken but perhaps on an even smaller scale. Am I wrong? Are they something to plan a meal around?

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I love halibut cheeks. They remind me a bit of scallops. Very tender, but in a different way than the body of the halibut. I think they are sweeter, but it could just be the resemblance to scallops that makes me think that. The grain is different than a filet or a steak and they seem moister to me. The best fish and chips, ever!

I have never cooked sea bass, not sure if I've ever eaten it...maybe once in a restaurant, so I wasn't sure if it should be treated differently than halibut, but you are probably right about the similarities.

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Dunno. But you sure make halibut cheeks sound attractive!

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I buy whole fish a lot. I also buy fish heads for fish head recipes. Stop & Shop, and Shoprite sell large salmon heads sometimes, ($1.00 a lb?). So I get to eat fish cheeks often.

I agree, treat them like scallops.


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I love sea bass. It's delicate, but oily. I have never had cheeks, but would treat them like scallops--only cooked for a shorter time than halibut cheeks. Going on the assumption that the cheeks are more tender than those of halibut, as the flesh is definitely softer than that of halibut. Please report what you decide and how it worked out.

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Coincidentally I bought grouper cheeks yesterday. What a treat as they sell out within an hour so I was lucky to get the last pound. My cheeks, well my grouper cheeks, are the size of sausage patties.

I rarely batter and fry fish but that's what I do with the cheeks. This time I am making Cheeks Piccata. Because the cheeks are so delectable, I'm leaving out the artichokes and a few of the seasonings.

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I like Halibut Cheeks. Usually just serve them in a brown butter and dill and lemon sauce.

Cheeks are dredged in seasoned flour and sauted in olive oil and butter. Brown some butter in a separate pan, add the juice of a lemon, and fresh chopped dill. Pour over halibut cheeks.

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Wow I had no idea they'd be that big. You guys have got me wanting to scout some out. Sounds so good.

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Well, I cooked them and am reporting back, should anyone else ever decide to try them. They were very good, probably so close to halibut cheeks that I'd never be able to tell them apart. They didn't seem quite as sweet as halibut and maybe a bit firmer, but perhaps only side by side would I be able to tell.

I ended up just quickly sauteing them in a bit of oil, with salt and pepper. Then used them in fish tacos...yum!

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