flour and sugar

RockingG474June 28, 2002

I don't have alot of cupboard space but hate buying flour and sugar in small quantities since I use so much. Is there any reason I couldn't keep it in our chest freezer?


Tami in Michigan

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I've heard that you can freeze flour to prevent 'bugs' from getting into it. So I guess I would wrap it up if I wanted to freeze it a longer time. I don't know about the sugar.

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I always put flour in the freezer. Don't know about sugar either but my Mom always used to buy lots of sugar and then store it in things like those decorative popcorn tins or a large airtight container. She'd hide it behind something out of the way as she didn't have the cupboard space either.

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Years ago I read that it is more efficient to run your freezer when it is full. Soooo I used to keep just about everything in my freezer. Never had to worry about bugs in that expensive food. Also, I keep all nuts, coconut, dried fruit, etc. in the refrigerator - again it doesn't spoil. Good luck. Monica

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I buy my flour when on sale as it is generally more expensive. I do freeze it but I have a vacuum sealer and I seal all the bags first (this works for bags of sugar too)

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I always freeze flour, sugar, cake mixes, corn meal and anything like that as soon as I get them home from the store. I used to install fixturing in grocery stores and seeing the back rooms of grocery stores.... well, let's just say I freeze everything before it goes on my shelves! And as long as you have the room in your freezer, it's fine. In fact it's recommended that you freeze wheat flour to keep it from going rancid.


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