Boiled beef ? (food saftey)

GPMacJune 26, 2001

Remember me? Anyway I had a baby girl and now I am back. I am doing up another batch of boiled beef. Sent dh out to get some and he came back with 5 lbs of pre frozen! ;(

Here is my question; can I still thaw, boil and still re-freeze in baggies? If not what the heck am I going to do with 5 lbs of frozen?!

Have a peek at the babster if you want?


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Yup - I do it all the time. I shop once per month, which means I buy a month's worth of meat at once, but I just don't like cooking all that meat at one time. So I cook for a week, then freeze the rest in "dinner-sized" packages. When I get ready to cook for the next week, I take out 5-7 packages, thaw them, cook and refreeze. Haven't noticed any changes at all...tastes,cooks, and looks the same. :-)

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Me, too. I have bought frozen ground beef, and then boiled it and refroze the cooked product. The reason that you shouldn't refreeze the uncooked stuff, is the introduction of bacteria in the thawed state. If you cook it up, then you have killed that off. Just use common sense and keep things like knives, cutting boards, etc. clean, and everything should be OK.

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Gail I know they answered your question but I wanted to tell you what a beautifl baby you have. I should say babies. I loved your pages. All the pic's are just beautiful. Filled my heart with smiles to see such beautiful pic's.

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Geeee....thanks Ruthie...smooch-smooch : ) Gail

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Can't help with the boiling of ground beef question. I haven't taken the plunge as of yet.

I did want to tell you that you have a beautiful family. Wonderful pictures.

Thanks for sharing,
Holly in WI

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