Recommendations for an upright freezer?

melindyJune 30, 2014

Hey all,

I'm looking to purchasing an upright freezer (15-18 cf) to help with storage of OAWC. The side by side just doesn't cut it.

Do you have a brand that you love or hate? Any must have features or "don't bother" ones as well? The freezer will be located in the laundry room.

When I've looked at online reviews it seems like any one freezer will have 5 star reviews and then several 1 star reviews. It's hard to know if the design itself is bad, or if there are just individual lemons.

Thanks in advance, and I appreciate your feedback!

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Was just flipping thru forums and saw your question. You have probably already chosen/purchased a freezer by now, but just in case you haven't.. I'm not an expert, but have owned several freezers over the years and never had any problem with any of them. I sold one with a house and sold one to downsize. I now have two chests and wish I had an upright again--so much easier to arrange and not stand on your head to get things. I think freezers are pretty simple mechanisms and wouldn't worry as much about brand as construction. Some seem to have thicker sidewalls (more insulation) and be sturdier and better made. My daughters all have Kenmore's (Sears) that seem much better made than our latest chest. I also would get a manual defrost because the frost-free ones cycle temperatures to keep the frost from forming and food actually defrosts a bit and refreezes, so not ideal for food quality. Defrosting a freezer is a really simple project. I just did one today. Hope you find or found one that meets your needs!

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Thanks lizbeth-gardener. Actually, I'm still looking. We haven't finalized plans for the laundry room, so I've been distracted by other things. There are Labor Day sales ahead! I appreciate your advice.

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