VickiJune 4, 2001

Can I freeze Zuchini from the Garden shredded or sliced to be used for cooking or making bread later? I am also liiking for recipes using Zuchin and Yellow Squash, I have tons of both. Thanks so much Vicki

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You can freeze it shredded, but it tends to get watery. I would make as much bread, then freeze that, as it turns out ok when thawed. I have also made zucchini casserole, using bread stuffing, it is very good. Also a delicious bisque soup that is very easy, and tastes wonderful on cold or summer days.It includes zucchini, mushrooms, onion, chicken broth , and cream( it's ok to use once in a while). I could e-mail the recipe if you like. We also like it with onion and cheddar cheese,baked. YOu can try it on the grill, season with a little lemon pepper and olive oil, and put on the grill(cut in long slices, not too thin), cook away....

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I have frozen it in slices and it does get very watery, I still love it though so I freeze the slices on a pan then bag it, thaw it and squish out as much water as I can and then fry in some butter with spices and parmesean cheese, that my fav so its the only way Ive tried it, works pretty good.

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being best fresh,we freeze some with the same watery results.we are looking for a zuchini bar recipe ,with phil adelphia cream cheese topping ?got one? dale.

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