Fryer Chickens

Deb-NEJune 9, 2001

I know, here I go again with the chicken thing again. The store has fryer chickens for 49 cents a lb. Heading that way, any suggestions as to what to make. Think I will make the Sticky Chicken. any other ideas would be appreciated. Have a great day. Deb

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I like to cook them in the crock pot, debone them, use them for BBQ sandwiches, chicken and rice, chicken and dumplins, and other chicken casserole dishes. Chicken enchiladas is a good and easy item to make also.

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When chickens are that cheap, I like to buy as many as possible and cut them up. I make a huge pot of stock using the backs and necks, then freezing for future use. With the rest I cut into serving pieces and freeze. I also bone some out, slice for stir-fry etc, and freeze. I like to reserve the wings in their own ziplock for future appetizers. It's amazing how many different meals you can get out of a few fryers and so cheaply! Best value out there, I think.

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It is an all day project, but, buy the chicken on sale. Then pressure it, and then pick all meat off.
And then I pressure can it.
When we go camping, or just want some chicken/broth, pop the lid. All you have to add is some noodles, veggies, and.....'chicken soup.

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No ideas but what's Sticky Chicken? It sounds good to me. Gail

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