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InfogeekFebruary 13, 2012

I am about to purchase an 1890s farmhouse. It looks to my eye to be in terrific shape, no leaning, no plaster cracking, with upgraded electrical and heat, no horrific disaster updating.

Friends have had so-so to bad experiences with home inspectors missing obvious issues. I am looking for a good, thorough inspector who is knowledgeable about antique homes.

Does anyone here know of any in CT they would recommend?

Thanks! Very glad to find this forum!

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Screw the inspectors,I have no respect for these dopes. Find a plumber, electrician and builder,have them go thru it. I have experienced, heard and read about horror stories of these guys missing blatantly obvious defects that were not recorded.
The realtors have them by the short hairs, you want more work don't screw up this sale. And if you do use licensed professionals , make sure you get a written report with their license numbers. It may cost a few extra bucks but it is a great bargaining tool and piece of mind.

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My fiancee and I just purchased an old house (1910) in southern CT. Not sure where in CT you're located, but we used Tiger. Specifically, our inspector was David Townsend, who was very well versed with older homes and provided an *extremely* thorough report with pictures and suggestions. He was quite a bit more in-depth than the contractor we had go through the house before him, in fact. And when the plumber, electrician, septic company, chimney company and well company came in to make the repairs, they all echoed his report findings. Our inspection was at the beginning of January, our closing is at the end of March, and I just had a conversation with him yesterday evening about the well. As you can tell, I have no problem recommending him. With how he has made himself available post-inspection, I haven't found him to be a quickie inspector just banging them out every two hours and giving you a boilerplate inspection report.

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If your in the Waterford area or anywhere south east region call Liberty Home Inspection Services.

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