Four square farmhouse addition

lmh423February 24, 2014

Has anyone done an addition on a foursquare? And can give me some insight or photos of your project?

We have a classic farmhouse foursquare. It is fairly narrow at about 23ish ft wide.

Our downstairs consists of a living room (15x12) dining room (15 x 12) and kitchen (14x11)

We're hoping to add a 15-20 ft addition off the back. Our thought is that the living room would then become more of a formal living room and the back space would be a family space/open into a remodeled kitchen.

Has anyone done a similar renovation? Of course, we're hoping to use the space as effectively as possible and still keep some of the aesthetics of a foursquare as much as possible.

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This is what I've been playing around with online. Maybe to help you get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Walls C and D are the existing walls for our dining room.

Our current kitchen is wall A but ends at wall D.

We're hoping by adding the 20 feet off the back we can achieve somewhat of an open floor plan. But I'm having trouble visualize it all. And confused about how to use the space in the kitchen effectively.

Anyways, if anyone has ideas or has seen something similar could you point me in that direction?

Also this is using IKEAs kitchen design software. Does anyone know of another user friendly floor plan software online? That will let you do more with other furniture?

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Your wall labels are not showing up on my monitor, and it's a little hard to understand which wall is which and where the dining room is.

We added a family room to the back of our four-square home (we no longer own it and I don't have any pictures of it). It was fairly straightfoward, a one-story addition to a two-story home. The roof was hipped, to echo the main roof, and windows were the same proportions as the original windows in in the house. Although the exterior of the original first floor was brick, we used stucco on the addition, like the stucco on the second floor.

The trickiest bit was getting the floor level to match exactly.

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Can you sketch a floor plan that shows where the current doors, walls and windows are? And the kitchen and stairway?

Adding on to a Foursquare is easy enough ... you just tack on somewhere and make a matching roofline ... but the trick is to do it so you move the fewest walls and make a good traffic flow.

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I just found this house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmhouse Addition

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We have a foursquare from the 20s -- lr, dr and kitchen downstairs. We have a front porch but it is not along the whole front, only part of it and then forms a portico over the drive. We did an addition, but not as big as yours -- only 12 x 16. We put breadboard for the ceiling and the few spaces of wall that weren't sliding glass doors and brick on the ceiling. The roof line matches that of the front porch (and the house) -- everyone thinks it's our back porch that's been enclosed. And because it is small, it does look more like a porch than an addition.


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