Sticky Chicken - did this happen to you?

RebeccaMay 10, 2001

First of all, WOW, what a fantastic recipe! My family ate like fiends tonight at dinner - many thanks! Mmmmmmmm!

One unusual development, however - I was surprised to see, after about two hours of roasting, that the skin had split across the breast, exposing the meat. Never seen that before, but never cooked chicken like this, either. My chicken was over seven pounds (biggest one I could find), and I will say that I didn't have enough juice early on to baste according to the instructions. Basted as soon as I could. Anyone else have that happen? Any way to avoid it, or should I just chill out?

I was a little worried that the meat would dry out where it was exposed, but that was not the case at all - it was all tender, succulent and delicious!! Many, many thanks for a recipe that is destined to become a classic in our family!

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idn't happen to mine but mine wasn't that big. I wouldn't worry about it...Probably won't next time. My DH loved the chicken too.

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I just got the biggest frying chicken I could find. Early on there wasn't hardly anything to baste with but then it got to be more. When it was finished, the outside of it was so dark I kind of wondered but it was "Fantastic!" The tip of the breast of my chicken got exposed but didn't hurt a thing as I couldn't quit eating it! LOL I am thrilled to get this recipe. My husband isn't a big chicken eater but hey, I could roast one of these little dudes for myself and have great eating for several days. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

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Same thing here on the juice--very little in the first 1 to 1 1/2 hour. Then, WOW! Lots and lots!

I didn't do the overnight thing--and we all LOVED the chicken. Anyone else try it without overnighting the bird?

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Yea I overnighted mine and it was great...I haven't done it any other way though so can't compare.

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I don't know if this is the same Sticky Chicken recipe I have, but I don't bake it - I put it in the crock pot for 8 hours and it is absolutely delicious. Where can I find your version of it?

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Here it is...

Here is a link that might be useful: Sticky Chicken.

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The skin splits on mine as well, but it didn't affect the taste any. The kids beg to have this for dinner : )
Also, if you want more juices in the beginnning, try tossing a half to a whole stick of butter in the pan at the beginning. This may not be very healthy, but it is GOOD! We don't eat a lot of other fats, so I splurge with this recipe!
Enjoy, all!

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I guess I'm in the minority but I thought this was a lot of work for ok but not great chicken. I thought it had a very chickeny taste. However I used fresh garlic--I hate the aftertaste that garlic powder leaves. The skin did split on mine but I looseded the skin in order to put the seasonings and garlic underneath. I was amazed at the amount of fat and liquid in the pan by the end, and it certainly was pretty, but in future I think just a chicken breast with bone in baked for half an hour or so is easier and tastier.

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Raeanne, would love to have your crock pot version of this recipe, where might we find it? Thanks!

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Tried this recipe. Loved it! Question....are you following the original recipe which says to place the chicken breast side down on top of the onions in the roasting pan? Doing this means no split breast and lots of juices in the pan to baste the bird. My oven may be a bit 'off' as I turned it to 275 degrees for five hours the first time I tried it. The result was a perfect, very flavorful chicken. I doubt that I will ever roast a chicken any other way.

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I LOVE this recipe,but like many of you,I didn't get any juices for the first hour or so to baste with either. I started getting a little nervous,thinking it might be dry,so I added just a little water. It still came out excellent,but do you think it's even better,if I didn't add the water?

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Nandinah where would we find the original recipe with the breast sie down...never done that before...does it make a difference.......

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The first time I made it I let is sit overnight. Now I just season it right before I put it in the oven. I can't tell the difference. I also cook it breast down, the breast stays moister that way. I don't bother with the onions either. If I don't have the juices to baste with in the beginning, I use the fat free spray butter stuff. Works great.

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We loved this, but it wasn't sticky at all, and even a little dry. Could that be because I didn't baste it right away (had to run an errand and was gone for 2 hours)? we had a little left-overs (enough for 1 sandwich) but it was wonderful. I didn't see the part about marinate overnight, so I vacuumed it in the foodsaver for 1/2 hour right before. Will definatly do again (I love the broasted chicken at the store and this was close!)


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I think the lack of juice in the first hour or so of cooking is because it really hasn't STARTED to cook within that time because of the low temperature! If you upped the temp, say 400 and cooked it for 2-1/2 hours or so, then you will get juice faster to baste with. Just my 2 cents worth.

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This is a great recipe. I made up packets of the seasonings and shared the recipe with my friends. Baking breast side down made it quite juicy. I put the onions in the pan, making a nest for the chicken to sit on and began basting 90 minutes after starting the chicken (when enought juices were finally produced by the little bird!) Enjoy this one!

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I haven't tried this recipe yet, but years ago read that to produce very moist turkey breast, roast it breast-side down. I loved the moist meat but missed the nice browning of the breast. I think when I try Sticky Chicken, I'll do it breast-down.


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