Trying to figure out how to do equal portions for freezing

MarionRMay 31, 2002

How do you figure out equal portions when freezing? For casseroles, do you just eye equal portions and cut accordingly or is there a tool to buy for this? The same goes for round cakes or pies. What about stews? Do you just measure or weigh it? Do you worry about equal amounts of the ingredients in it for each person? Thanks for any advice.

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I just eyeball. I use same size containers - pint jars or whatever for soups. Hanen't frozen cakes, but I've frozen cupcakes and I think some pies and casseroles are better frozen whole and cut when serving,

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Most things I eyeball but when it comes to soup, stew and chili I often measure a bowl for each of us and one to spare. Good for a guest or seconds. I just poured water from a tea cup into my usual serving bowls to measure. 2 corel tea cups = 1 lg corel bowl.

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