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maandaJanuary 2, 2014

We have been in our new-build house for under a year and I am finally ready to start decorating. My family room is a blank slate. We have a TV armoire on the wall beside the stairs (don't like it above the fireplace) and we just purchased a new leather sectional. This will go along the window with the chaise side with its back to the kitchen. (Mine is in chocolate brown in the opposite configuration to the one in the photo. We also have a 3-seater on the long side) We also purchased the matching rectangular ottoman to use with a tray. My questions are these:
1) I don't know whether to put an accent chair or an end table at the end of the couch by the fireplace. I feel like we would need more places to put down drinks etc. but would also like the extra seating.
2) One thought I had was a sofa table along the window. The problem is that I have plantation shutters, which I love, and that the window goes down to 18" from the floor, so the table would be above the window sill. Problem? Thoughts?
Any other suggestions are welcome too. I'm planning on a rug this spring as well.

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Sectional is from Palliser in Tobacco (brown) with a 3-seater and a chaise section.

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House layout

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I love your sofa, it's going to look wonderful. So your sofa will be across the room from the armoire, correct? I do think you need more seating to balance the room. If you could show a photo of the entire room it would be easier to advise you. Be careful when you purchase a rug and accessories that you back off with the brown tones as you have enough in the room and need some color to balance the room out. You also need to beef up the fireplace, a beautiful large piece of art would really create a welcoming feeling to the room. Find a nice chair as an accent, maybe with a pattern and a standing lamp, throw some lovely pillows on it. You'll need a few items to use as tables for people to put a drink or to hold a lovely lamp. Go to and type in family room with L shape brown leather sofa and get some inspirations as to what others have done. Decide exactly how you will do the room and measure the space where you'd want a chair and take a measuring tape with you. Just a few hints to get you started.

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Thank you so much for your ideas. I was thinking a chair with a tall lamp in the corner. My dilemma then is that there are so many areas that need to stay clear for traffic, I'm not sure where else I can put tables. I'm on the lookout for art for over the fireplace too. Would love a pop of red there. It looked so lovely for Christmas but now that stuff is just sitting there until it finds a home. LOL

Here are some more angles of the room.

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The new sectional will come to about 15" less than where the couch is now, so about to the edge of the second window.

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The corner where a chair could go.

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This is what I had in mind. These plans from the builder are flipped from my room. Sorry if that's confusing.

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This is not an answer to your question, so I'm apologizing for that upfront. But as you point out, you need to keep a lot of areas clear for traffic, and that's impacting what you can put in the room.

But have you considered putting the TV next to the fireplace?

Right now, with your proposed floor plan, I see three problems. One, everyone using the stairs will walk between the TV and the people watching the TV. Two, you'll have to keep the shutters closed during the day, because of the sunlight falling on the TV screen. Three, the chaise part of the sectional sort of blocks off (or at least makes using it inconvenient) one of the entrances to the kitchen, forcing everyone to walk through the "business" part of the kitchen instead of walking around the island and entering in the eating area. If you have kids, this could a) drive you crazy and b) be a safety hazard during meal prep.

If there's room, I'd swing the sectional around so that the long section faced the fireplace. Then you'd have a walking path along the side of the chaise, so that people aren't walking between the TV and the people watching it. And then you won't have to keep the center of the room clear for people to walk--they'll be moving alongside the stairway, and you can put a coffee table in front of the sectional.

This would also open up the entrance to the eating area, removing some of the traffic from the rest of the kitchen.

You could put a chair in front of the windows, or a console table. Add a coffee table for drinks, snacks and remotes.

This does probably mean that you'd have to find a smaller piece of furniture to hold the TV. And maybe pay to have the TV cables run to that corner, but, in my area, the cost for doing that runs from $75 to $150, which isn't that much compared to getting a room to really work for you.

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I am normally not a fan of televisions over fireplaces, though many who have them love them; however your room is definitely one which would work much better that way. I would also do as camlan suggests and run the long end of the fireplace facing the fireplace. That will also allow you to enjoy those beautiful windows. A narrow sofa table behind the sofa will disguise the back to the sofa and, of you use one or two lamps on it, will provide great light.

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Sorry delete this reply. I didn't think it submitted.

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Thank you! That is exactly what I was planning when we just had the house plans - to put the TV over, or to the right of the fireplace. When we moved in, the armoire we already owned didn't fit. Now buying a new stand, and a new TV are in dh's plans, but not in the budget until next year likely. We did get it wired for all 3 places to give us options so I might have to give it a try!

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