first pass at a kitchen moodboard, need countertop help please

illinigirlFebruary 28, 2014

The trick here being I'd like the wall color to be in the warm family....not sure which color though. also I can only hope that the calcutta gold backsplash ends up having the warm tones like this one does. For the surrounding spaces (open to the kitchen) I'm seeing adding texture and warmth with woven shades in a medium brown color, to the ceiling stacked stone fireplace in full view of the kitchen, lots of south exposure light.

I'm seeing that the island has to be a background player here, backsplash/range area being the focal point. I have my thoughts on where I need to go with the island counter (perimeter will be a black granite).

Input please?


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It's Calacatta (as in Italy), not Calcutta (as in India), regardless of the origin of your slab, actually. Marbles are named from their oldest "origin" loosely determined by custom. So you're buying marble in the style of the stuff from Calacatta.

There are plenty of warm greys to choose from for paint colors. The one in your cabinet image is not one of them, so be certain about the warm vs. cool colors.

Instead of black granite, would you consider soapstone? Two issues with it are maintenance, and price. It is a stone you would oil regularly, and it costs more that absolute black, one of the less expensive granites. But the veining in juxtaposition with that of the marble would be beautiful. If you don't love the veining, you could choose a quieter soapstone; it would lack that speckle-y quality that black granites have.

For the island, wouldn't slab Calacatta be the heartbreakingly beautiful choice? I'm giving you all the expensive options today. Sorry about that...

Absolute Black Granite

vs. Oiled Soapstone (this one is Barocca)

with Calacatta Gold Slab

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I have seen the spelling both ways....or I should say a search on houzz will yield results with both spellings. I took the shortcut this morning, sorry.

I should have dictated up front that I don't want marble on my island, despite how gorgeous I know it would be. Chalk it up to being up too early, sorry about that.
Anyways, I am not the right candidate for marble on the island (I'm perfectly ok with it on the backsplash). I will not be able to take the dings or chips and etching on that surface. If i get an occasional splatter etch on the backsplash I'm ok with it because it won't catch the light to see it much. Island counter, not so much. It will drive me crazy.

Soapstone is beautiful too, but again, maintenance I'm not interested in.

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does anyone think a light/white colored quartz would work?

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Why didn't I do a mood board when I was doing my kitchen? I had some things that I carried around in a little shopping bag, but never thought to put it all together on a board. Next time ...

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i've updated the moodboard a little. This gives you an idea where I'm going with the paint, although I will certainly change it to what works. Just throwing out ideas. I put in 3 quartz options from Ceasarstone. I mislabeled one- It's Quartz Reflections not Reflective Quartz.

Am I on any sort of right track or way off base?


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just a note on the paint color too- My 2 kitchen walls are mostly covered with either backsplash or cabinets to the there will be very little painted wall surface in the actual kitchen will be seen in the adjacent dining room/great room if we keep the great room color the same as the kitchen/dining.

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oh my, no it that bad? I know I went a little overboard with adding choices on a single board.......


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Well, I can tell you that Dreamy Marfil quartz is, well, dreamy. Very warm and lovely. I almost used it until I realized I couldn't get drain grooves routed in quartz (not in my area, anyway) so that was the deal breaker. I have a 4 x 8 sample if you want it.

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I would post each option as a separate moodboard so that folks can experiences the choices individually rather than mixed.

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thanks fiesty. I've never made a mood board. I guess mine is a little....uhm different. I'll try what you suggested.

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I had black granite counters two kitchens ago -- I think they were black galaxy. They were a maintenance nightmare - never looked clean, you could see fingerprint and streak, even after wiping them down.

I would go lighter quartz all the way around with your darker toned cabs - Caesarstone Organic White would be a nice choice.

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OK, I think I may not have read this carefully enough... your leading candidates are a warm white cabinet, black granite and Calacatta (Gold) BS, and a walnut island and Dreamy Marfil?

I love Dreamy Marfil -- I think it is the most realistic of the patterned quartz available. An alternate choice on the island might be Taj Mahal quartzite. Yes, it is a little bolder but not that much. I think both would play off the golden hues in the BS.

I'm not the biggest fan of black granite, as I'm living with it in our 2nd home (for the same reasons as pipdog).

Do you have a picture of your BS and counters and sample doors together? It really helps to put together samples together and to take pictures of them in similar light conditions. I've even taken my samples to the store or slabyard, dragged everything into good light, and taken pictures. I also composed mood boards, but had six or seven different ones.

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