Stripping paint from plaster wall

cberhomengardenFebruary 26, 2009

Our house is 75 yrs old and I'm sure there is lead paint under all those layers of paint, so I'm researching ways beyond the usual scrape, scrape, scrape method of removing paint prior to repainting.

I've followed this forum for years and have seen many people use the Peel Away products for stripping layers of paint successfully from woodwork in their old homes.

I'm curious if anyone has tried it on an entire plaster wall?

If not Peel Away, does anyone have any other product suggestions for removing paint from a plaster wall? Or should I just resign myself to the eventual scraping?


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You can see the answers that the same question generated on this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same question on another forum

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Thanks for the link!

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Before assuming wall paint contains lead it should really be tested.
While lead oxide was used as a pigment, it fell out of favor a long time ago when titanium oxide replaced it.

Lead Acetate was used for much longer as a hardener and gloss improver. It was not generally used in flat paint, but in the trim paint.

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We did an extensive lead test on our house, know where it is all hiding and have used Multi-Strip throughout. It is not cheap, but it is as environmentally safe as you'll probably fine. It basically is a gel like bucket of goop, that you slap on with a brush, wait until it bubbles (2-8 hours, depending on number of layers) and then scrape off with the old paint. Make sure you cover floors carefully-- tape down a few layers of plastic and put newspapers on top to catch the dripping stuff. It is messy, but once you get a system down it's worthwhile. Need to go to a paint store for Multi-strip and it's not cheap. Ask about getting a contractor's discount because you'll be buying so much!!!We get 15 percent off, which adds up.

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