Ways to use underbaked brownies

jennAugust 31, 2012

I baked a big pan of brownies to take with us on a road trip. Long story short: they turned out slightly under-baked like gooey fudge near the center of the pan, and just right around the edges of the pan.

Now, I like gooey brownies and fudge, but they didn't seem right so decided not to take them. Instead, I cut them into individual brownies and put them in a Tupperware container in the freezer.

I'm wondering how I can use them. So far my idea is cutting them into small pieces (the size of small marshmallows) and mixing them into an ice cream dessert.

Any other ideas?

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I do not understand any problem.

Put in bowl, add vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, all gone!

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I might use them to make what my girls called "Death by Chocolate". It's just a layer of brownies, crumbled or diced, topped with a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of whipped cream, then a couple of chopped candy bars of your choice, ours is usually Heath Bars or Snickers. We do two layers of each ingredient, ending with the chopped candy on top. If you put it in a clear bowl you can see the layers.

It would probably also make a good Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, just top with a scoop of ice cream, your choice of flavor, some hot fudge or other topping and whipped cream if you like. The ice cream will make the brownie soggy anyway...


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Helene, we are thinking along the same lines, LOL. I need to be faster hitting that "submit" button, though!


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Thank you for the ideas. Funny, Helene!

The thing is, we don't eat much sugar anymore except for special occasions. So, the frozen brownies will remain frozen until I can whip up something special for the next special occasion. Is there such a thing as a bread-pudding type dessert using brownies instead of bread?

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Jenn, how about this recipe using your brownies instead of the pecan pie? I made it for a quickie dessert a couple of weeks ago and had 3 guest requesting seconds on dessert. I think it would work nicely with brownies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trifle

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Annie and mustangs, thank you for the great suggestions! They sound great for a crowd.

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If they have eggs in them, as most brownies do--then you definitely don't want to use them in a way that they'd be served to the very young or very old or anyone with a compromised immune system. Food poisoning from raw or undercooked eggs is no joke (lost a week of my life to it once). Remember--freezing DOES NOT kill bacteria--how do you think labs preserve it for future experiments?

Personally? I'd toss them, and not take chance anyone becoming ill from the eggs that aren't thoroughly cooked.

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Jenn, you certainly can use the brownies in bread pudding.
I'm a part time baker for a little gourmet food shop. Occasionlly we'll overbake something or a recipe won't come out just right, so we'll use it to replace some of the bread in our bread pudding recipe. Our "mistakes" have produced some of our best treats.


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azzalea: I understand your concern especially in light of your experience. However, these brownies weren't that under-baked; the ones in the middle of the pan were just a little too gooey/fudgey and we didn't think they would be presentable to some. We were planning to take them on a road trip to present to a family we were visiting there.

Oly: Thanks, glad to know that!

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Why not just bake them a little more?

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slowlane: Because the brownies around the edge of the pan would be overbaked.

I Googled and found lots of brownie bread pudding recipes.

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I had a suggestion, but Annie's was much better than
mine, but it was somewhat 'similar'.

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