Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

lmsorkinMay 7, 2002


I was wondering if anyone knows if you can successfully freeze cottage cheese. I've used half of a container in a recipe, and would like to save the other half for future use when I make the recipe again. Is it OK to freeze it?



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Hi Lori!

Here's an excerpt from the site below.


Certain cheeses freeze well but are likely to change in texture. Neither cottage cheese nor cream cheese should ever be frozen. Both may lose flavor as well as texture. Cottage cheese can be kept cold and covered in the refigerator for up to a week. Its container should have a tight-fitting lid since cottage cheese easily absorbs odors from other foods. Semi-soft cheeses may be cubed and frozen individually for use in cooking. They will still maintain their flavor although texture may be altered but are excellent for dishes where melted cheese is an ingredient. Unless frozen, all cheese should be kept in the fresh food part of the refrigerator. To discourage drying-out and odor absorption, cheese should be wrapped in plastic wrap or foil. Mold that may form on cheese is not harmful. The mold may be cut from the cheese and the cheese used as usual.

Hope I helped!

Here is a link that might be useful: Freezing Cheese

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I would freeze the cheese.....I'm sure it will lose texture, but if you are using it in a recipe, you'll never know. I freeze lasagna made with cottage cheese and cheese cake made with cream cheese and it is fine. Don't necessariy believe everything you read at sites like nestle or Kraft...they are written by a home economist in a small room who is parroting what some other home economist said. Dairy science people will tall you it won't hurt you to eat cheese that has been frozen...but they will also tell you that it tastes a lot better if it has not ben frozen.
Linda C

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This info was very helpful to me. I also freeze lasagna with cottage cheese in it still tastes great. So i will also freeze the cottage and sour cream for future use. tx

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Sour cream's texture will change and can't be used as normal. It becomes watery and have lumps in it. Have you tried the cottage cheese yet?

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Just a quick note....I have frozen SOUR CREAM successfully.! When defrosted. it is separated & very liquid..I mix it very well & place it back in the frig overnight & the next is back in its semi-solid state..the same way it is when the container is first opened...It tastes perfectly fine...
I still want to try to freeze cottage cheese...great source of protein..If I can't eat it, I will use it in omelets & lasagna!

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You can freeze cottage cheese in the container and it won't burst, but when you thaw it, you will find it has turned to a thick paste, and does not taste as good. The savory creamy part gets absorbed in, can't really taste it any more. But you can still use it for cooking, or add salt to make up for the lost taste.

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I freeze cream cheese before. I only recommend it if you are going to cook with it. I would not freeze it if you plan on using it for frosting or spread, it does change in texture!

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I've frozen cottage cheese many times. It does seem to be a bit drier when thawed, but the tast is the same. I see no problems with it.

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Sorry, double post..

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I freeze cottage cheese as well as cream cheese. But as the first person said the cheeses do change texture. They can still be eaten but will not have that smooth creamy feel in your mouth. It will be slightly granular. I use cottage cheese in my lasagna sometimes in place of the ricotta if I can't get it in the shop. I use the frozen cream cheese to make cheese cake and it is fine. You will have to mix the cheeses once thawed, but I find they freeze fine. I freeze milk, butter, soured cream, bags of grated cheese and sometimes blocks (grated freezes better) buttermilk. I freeze egg whites if I make a custard and use the yolks only. My daughter calls me the freezer queen lol

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