Help! Just One More Quick Question re: Sticky Chicken Recipe

sallyMay 8, 2001

Ok, recipe says to bake the chicken in a shallow baking dish. Figured I would use my roaster (uncovered of course) but there again it is not a shallow baking pan. I also have a rack in my roaster and figuring it would be best to put it on the rack? What kind of pan do you all bake yours in? I went back to the store and found the white pepper! Umph! they are proud of that (expensive) but it is in there now. Got that little bird cleaned, dried off and rubbed down real good and it is sitting in the refrigerator just waiting to be tomarrows dinner. So, please let me know about the type of baking pan you use and again, Thanks to all!

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Sally, I just use my 13 x 9 inch pan...the one I use for brownies, roasts etc. the roaster's ok too just make sure to baste it after it's been cooking for a while.

It does make a good tasting chicken!


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Me 9 X 13...I cover my dish with foil just to save on the cleanp. I don't think the pan is overly important.

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I read this the first time as "Stinky" chicken recipe!! I must be tired!!

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I want to pass this on without sounding like a know it all--but it'll save you all time and money-- there's very little difference between white and black pepper. White pepper is slightly milder but its main appeal is that it doesn't stand out in cream sauces/soups or other white or light colored dishes like black pepper does. So go ahead and skip it in your sticky chicken!

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